Psychological Effects of Hair Loss on Male

Psychological Effects of Hair Loss on Male

  • 20 March 2019
Psychological Effects of Hair Loss on Male

Hair loss mainly for young men, is a potentially life-changing experience that can leave the man with a poor self-image and lose all his confidence. Surveys say that hair loss can affect a quarter of all men by the age of 30 and its effect on the lifestyle and personality of the person deserves to be better understood. The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is better known as male pattern balding. In this condition, the hairline initially recedes at the temples and crown. It can be unpredictable when it comes to pace of progress and after being receded to some extent it may stop for many years before there is any more deterioration.

A Symbol of Decreased Sexual Potency

While we can pretend to not be influenced by society’s beauty standards, our society and culture perceive sexuality, handsomeness, success, and overall physical health. Hair loss can have an effect on relationships as men time and again feel that the loss of their hair signals the end of their youth, and charm to others. The side effects of this can be hair loss that results in social avoidance where the person avoids attending social meetings and other events to avoid being seen with a balding appearance by others.

Dissatisfaction with Body Image

Hair loss can considerably change a man’s appearance. Men are known to see themselves as less attractive without hair and may fear to get less attractive to others. Hair loss often leads to reduced self-confidence and increased insecurity. This can have a major effect on a man’s personality and can make him antisocial or even shy. In extreme cases, this loss of confidence can lead to depression or anxiety.

Concerns About Aging

Losing hair may make a man feel old as hair loss is associated with aging. Making peace with the aging process can be difficult at any age, but it is mostly hard on young men who are experiencing hair loss. While baldness is sometimes connected with wisdom or other attractive qualities, a full head of hair signals power, youth and desirability.

Reduction in Professional Opportunities

There are some jobs that reject men with less or no hair, particularly those in front of a camera. Balding might not have a direct effect on other professional opportunities, but even then people have to go through some teasing at the workplace which leads to a loss of confidence.


Psychological Effects of Hair Loss on Male

Even though balding is tough on the psyche, the good news is that it does not have to be permanent. There are reliable hair loss treatments for men available to restore a full head of natural hair at Advanced Hair Studio. Book your consultation with Advanced Hair Studio today to get your baldness treatment or any other hair treatment. Doctors at Advanced Hair Studio are immensely experienced and have been performing hair transplant procedures successfully for many years. The clients are able to get back their lost confidence after the completion of the hair restoration treatments.

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