Is My Hair Loss Due to Excessive Sweating


Is My Hair Loss Due to Excessive Sweating

  • 22 May 2024
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Anyone who has lost hair knows how upsetting it can be, and it frequently prompts people to look for explanations. Excessive perspiration is one potential factor that might not immediately come to mind. Although sweating is a normal biological process that aids in controlling body temperature, may it also be linked to hair loss? This article will examine the connection between excessive sweating and hair health and will also go over ways to prevent and treat sweat-related excessive hair loss.

What is Excessive Sweating, and How Does it Affect Hair Health?

Hyperhidrosis, another name for excessive sweating, is a condition in which sweat production is excessively elevated above the level required for thermoregulation. Although sweating is a normal physiological activity, excessive sweating can be brought on by many ailments or drugs, hormonal imbalances, genetics, or underlying medical issues. It frequently affects the scalp, palms, feet, and underarms. Excessive perspiration may be harmful to your hair. The main components of sweat include water, sodium, and minerals. Sweat buildup on the scalp might result in bacteria and fungi.

Understanding the Link Between Sweating and Hair Loss

Sweating and hair loss have a complicated and poorly understood link. While there isn’t any concrete proof that excessive sweating alone leads to hair loss, several factors can hasten hair damage and shedding in people who sweat excessively.

  1. An increase in sebum production may result from a buildup of sweat on the scalp. The oily material known as sebum, which is produced by the sebaceous glands, aids in moisturising and protecting the hair. However, when excessive sebum and sweat combine, it can clog hair follicles and perhaps result in folliculitis, a condition that causes irritation and hair loss.

  2. Excessive perspiration can result in the hair being constantly wet and dried, weakening and brittlening it. Moisture-induced hair shaft swelling and constricting can cause damage and breakage over time. The salt and minerals in sweat can further dry the hair, increasing its susceptibility to breaking and thinning.

Can Excessive Sweating Cause Hair Damage and Premature Shedding?

Even though excessive perspiration might cause hair damage and early shedding, it’s vital to remember that there are frequently other variables at work. Excessive perspiration can lead to conditions including folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis (a common scalp ailment marked by redness, itching, and peeling), or fungal infections. The health of the hair follicles might be negatively impacted by certain disorders, which can result in baldness.

Moreover, emotional tension and anxiety are frequently linked to excessive perspiration. Alopecia areata, an autoimmune ailment that results in patchy hair loss, and telogen effluvium, which causes temporary hair shedding, are two examples of hair loss conditions that can be brought on or worsened by psychological problems. In these situations, excessive perspiration indirectly causes hair loss due to the emotional turmoil it causes.

Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss due to Excessive Sweating

Prevention and Treatment of Hair Loss due to Excessive Sweating

Several preventative steps and hair loss treatment alternatives can assist in managing the issue if you believe excessive sweating causes hair loss.

  1. Keep your Scalp Clean.
  2. Washing your hair and scalp with a mild shampoo regularly will help clear out sweat, sebum, and other debris that could build up and clog your hair follicles. Use lukewarm water and avoid harsh products that could deplete the scalp’s natural oils.

  3. Dry your Hair Completely.
  4. Ensure your hair and scalp are completely dried after washing or sweating. A long time with damp hair can weaken the hair shaft, causing damage; therefore, try to avoid this.

  5. Utilise Antibiotic or Antifungal Medications.
  6. Consult a dermatologist if you experience any scalp infection or irritation symptoms so they can suggest the best antifungal or antibacterial medications. Depending on the severity, these can include medicated shampoos, topical creams, or oral drugs.

  7. Ask a Doctor for Advice
  8. Consult a hair doctor or trichologist who focuses on problems with the hair and scalp if your hair loss persists or worsens despite taking preventive measures. They can evaluate your disease, determine any underlying causes, and provide acceptable hair loss treatment solutions suited to your requirements.

Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia (FFA): An Uncommon Form of Hair Loss Linked to Sweat Glands

Even though excessive sweating may not directly cause hair loss, frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA), a particular type of hair loss, has been connected to the sweat glands. FFA is usually seen in postmenopausal women and is characterised by a receding hairline, frontal hair follicle irritation, and scarring. Researchers have discovered a connection between FFA and the workings of the sweat glands in the affected areas, although the specific origin of FFA is still unknown.

Finding the Right Doctor for Treating Hair Loss and Excessive Sweating.

Finding a trained dermatologist or trichologist specialising in hair and scalp conditions is essential when seeking medical guidance for excessive hair loss or perspiration. Seek specialists with training in identifying and managing disorders that cause excessive perspiration and hair loss. To help you properly address your concerns, they will be able to offer precise diagnoses, tailored hair treatment plans, and continuing support.


Even though excessive sweating may not directly result in hair loss, it can damage hair and cause it to shed too soon by encouraging infections and inflammation of the scalp. Additionally, excessive sweating-related emotional stress might indirectly cause hair loss. You may control hair loss brought on by excessive perspiration by keeping your scalp clean, completely drying your hair, utilising the right hair treatments for scalp disorders, and, if required, consulting a professional. Consider contacting Advanced Hair Studio hair clinic for professional advice and individualised remedies catered to your needs if you’re concerned about excessive sweating or continuous hair loss.

Visit Advanced Hair Studio to learn more about hair loss due to excessive sweating treatments that work and to look into customised options for your unique need. Get started today on the path to healthier hair and reclaiming your confidence.

Mr. Mones, Head- Hair expert @AHS India

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Mr. Mones, Head- Hair expert @AHS India

An ardent believer in maintaining perfection when it comes to hair & beauty, Mr. Mones holds an electrical engineering degree and has followed his life-long love for hair through Advanced Hair Studio.

In 2002, he decided to follow his passion for hair and beauty as he took multiple courses in the field and established his name in the industry by 2004.

Mr. Mones took the opportunity to work with one of the top brands in Abu Dhabi - Yas Island, as a ‘Top Hairstylist’. He underwent training with Loreal Academy to be a color specialist and achieved the post of trainer and branch manager for the company. In 2015, he joined Advanced Hair Studio as a Hair Expert and received training from AHS headquarters in Australia Melbourne.

Quickly he became a regional trainer and technical head of Middles East and the Subcontinent. To keep up with the latest trends and upskill himself and his team, he attended multiple workshops and seminars. In 2017 he attended another training at AHS headquarters for quality control, after which he got promoted to QC Manager and Product Development head. He yearns to upskill and work towards keeping himself on top of his game in the hair replacement industry.

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Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
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