How Your Local & Seasonal Foods Can Revamp Your Tresses

  • 20 March 2019
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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How Your Local & Seasonal Foods Can Revamp Your Tresses

Local and seasonal foods are recommended by several dietitians and nutritionists in the present times. Eating seasonal food items is like a practice where you prefer eating vegetables and fruits which grow seasonally. Hair experts at Advanced Hair Studio too believe that people should follow the practice of eating seasonal foods to revamp their hair and keep them healthy.

Nutritionists all around the world believe that there is reason behind a fruit growing in a particular season and we should follow the nature’s call in terms of eating for better health of our body, skin and hair. Although you can’t change factors like genetics and age, diet is one thing you have control over. Actually, consuming a diet lacking the right nutrients can lead to hair loss. On the other hand, eating a balanced diet that will provide proper nutrition can help promote hair growth, especially if you’re experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition.

If you want to revamp your hair and are not getting desired results after trying everything, then come to Advanced Hair Studio. With more than 300 branches and alliances, Advanced Hair Studio has been giving various hair treatments for people all around the world.

  • Helps Prevent Allergies

    How Your Local & Seasonal Foods Can Revamp Your Tresses

    If you centre your diet on local and seasonal foods than beyond improving digestive strength, but can actually help prevent allergies and other problems. This will help in damaging your hair as well. Eating too many foods grown in completely different climates around the world can disrupt digestion and cause constipation or even food allergies; hence it is important that you eat local foods on a daily basis.

  • Supplies More Nutrition

    How Your Local & Seasonal Foods Can Revamp Your Tresses

    According to nutritionists, food should be picked when it is ripe and eaten soon afterwards. Picking at peak ripeness not only ensures peak nutritional value but also enhances flavor. Seasonal food provides more nutrition which is extremely important for the good health of your hair.

  • Provides Protein

    How Your Local & Seasonal Foods Can Revamp Your Tresses

    Protein is vital for keeping your hair healthy, but many people do not include enough proteins in their diets because they don’t include seasonal foods and fruits. Lean meats like fish, eggs and chicken, and soy products are good sources. Eat one serving every day. Because trace minerals like magnesium, iron, biotin and zinc also affect hair, it’s a good idea to take a daily multivitamin. Hair experts and nutritionists believe that a deficiency in these key nutrients can lead to more brittle hair and more breakage Essential fatty acids, especially omega-3s, play a major role in the health of your skin and hair. You should eat seasonal foods that are rich in omega-3 every day such as:

  • Tuna, Salmon, and other fatty fish
  • Almonds and Walnuts
  • Flaxseed oil
  • Folic acid, Vitamins B12 and B6 are also important to your hair. You can get adequate amount of these if you are having local and seasonal foods regularly.
  • Foods with B6 include bananas, spinach and potatoes both white and sweet.
  • Major sources of B12 include poultry, meat, fish and dairy products.
  • Folic acid can be taken through plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes and citrus fruits.
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Nail Robins
Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
Sharid Sarwardhi
Sharid Sarwardhi
I have done my hair transplant surgery in AHS Delhi Branch on 2019 by travelling to Delhi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The front and the back portion of my head were bald and through the hair transplant surgery, they have managed to cover the front portion of my head and the former appearance of my face returned back. The way they collected hairs from the donor portion did not affect my donor area at all. I am quite happy with my result. I have been consulting with them for a second seating so that they can cover the back portion of my head as well so that the hair density on top will increase and the bald portion of my head will reduce to a minimum level.
Prasoon Gupta
Prasoon Gupta
Hi all, I had a problem with my hair, and I visited Advanced Hair Studio, Hyderabad. Here, the experts are amazing. My low hair density problem was explained very nicely, and some solutions were suggested. The solutions were fantastic. If you have any such issues, I recommend that you come and make an appointment. There was a lot of care and attention displayed by their staff in handling my hair fall issue. Similarly, the receptionists are both friendly and courteous, and the atmosphere is clean and fresh. This clinic deserves 5 stars.

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