How is a Low/High Blood Pressure related to Hair Loss?


How is a Low/High Blood Pressure related to Hair Loss?

  • 23 May 2019
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Blood pressure is a good indicator of your cardiovascular health. Many studies have been conducted to determine the direct relationship between blood pressure and hair loss. People with high blood pressure or hypertension were noticed to experience pattern baldness. Some people also noticed temporary hair fall.

However, high blood pressure wasn’t proven to be related to hair loss directly. But after a series of studies, it was established that the drugs used to treat hypertension were the one to blame.

Drugs used to treat high blood pressure that is associated with hair loss

There are five most common classes of medications used to treat hypertension, namely:

  • Diuretics- If you’ve just been diagnosed with blood pressure, it’s very likely that your doctor will prescribe diuretics to you. These pills work by getting rid of extra sodium and water from your body, thus reducing the amount of pressure on the arteries. Some common diuretics are Edecrin (ethacrynic acid), Inspra (eplerenone) and Lasix (furosemide).

  • Beta Blockers- This category of drug works by slowing down your heart rate, thereby controlling the amount of force exerted on the heart and arteries. Some common beta blockers are known to cause hair loss are metoprolol (Lopressor), nadolol (Corgard), timolol (Blocadren) and propranolol (Inderal and Inderal LA).

  • Ace Inhibitors- Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors prevent the generation of the angiotensin hormone. This leads to relaxed blood vessels and controlled blood pressure. Some commonly prescribed ace inhibitors are captopril (Capoten), enalapril (Vasotec) and lisinopril (Prinivil, Zestril).

  • Calcium channel blockers- These type of medications are known to relax the heart and arteries by preventing the calcium from entering. Some common calcium blockers are diltiazem (Cardizem, Tiazac) and nifedipine (Adalat CC, Procardia).

  • ARBs- Angiotensin II Receptor Blockers, similar to the way ace inhibitors work, reduce the amount of angiotensin hormone produced by the body. This leads to lowering of the blood pressure. Frequently prescribed ARBs include Cozaar (losartan), Diovan (valsartan) and Micardis (telmisartan).

How to control hair loss caused by Hypertension medications?

Losing 50-100 strands a day is normal, but anything more than that needs to be addressed. If you’ve been diagnosed with hypertension, discuss with your doctor the type of medications you will be prescribed. Discuss the side-effects you should be expecting.

If you’ve been prescribed a new blood pressure medicine, pay attention if it causes a hike in your hair fall. If it does, have a chat about it with your doctor. Your medication is likely to be changed if your hair fall gets worse.

Also, seek professional help for hair loss solutions. One of the best hair fall specialists in Delhi is the Advanced Hair Studio. Before recommending any treatments for your hair fall, they’ll do an Advanced Hair Check. This check-up determines the health of your scalp.

Advanced Hair Studio first fully analyze your hair loss problem, and then only recommend the most suitable hair solution. Book an appointment with Advanced Hair Studio today to get the best hair loss solutions.

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Nail Robins
Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
Sharid Sarwardhi
Sharid Sarwardhi
I have done my hair transplant surgery in AHS Delhi Branch on 2019 by travelling to Delhi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The front and the back portion of my head were bald and through the hair transplant surgery, they have managed to cover the front portion of my head and the former appearance of my face returned back. The way they collected hairs from the donor portion did not affect my donor area at all. I am quite happy with my result. I have been consulting with them for a second seating so that they can cover the back portion of my head as well so that the hair density on top will increase and the bald portion of my head will reduce to a minimum level.
Prasoon Gupta
Prasoon Gupta
Hi all, I had a problem with my hair, and I visited Advanced Hair Studio, Hyderabad. Here, the experts are amazing. My low hair density problem was explained very nicely, and some solutions were suggested. The solutions were fantastic. If you have any such issues, I recommend that you come and make an appointment. There was a lot of care and attention displayed by their staff in handling my hair fall issue. Similarly, the receptionists are both friendly and courteous, and the atmosphere is clean and fresh. This clinic deserves 5 stars.

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