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5 Hair Loss Myths Busted – Advanced Hair Studio

  • 30 December 2017
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For years, we have been hearing different reasons and causes that might be a reason for hair loss. Some of us, still, might be of the same belief. But, now it’s time to address & bust those prevalent myths, making you confused & disheartened.

Excessive Exposure to Sun Triggers Hair Loss

Since years, we have been hearing about the sun rays being a prominent cause of promoting hair loss.It’s true that the ultraviolet rays coming out from the sun, harms our skin & hair, but do not trigger hair loss. Though overexposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun makes the hair more brittle as it weakens the hair fibres. Surprised?

Too Much Of Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

This is one of the most common myths related to hair loss. Many among us, might be of the belief that too much shampooing leads to hair loss. But, that’s not true. A mild or gentle shampoo can comfortably be used every day. Regular shampooing will ensure, your hair as well as scalp remains cleansed and out of dirt & sweat.

Dandruff Leads to Hair Loss

Dandruff is widely common amongst people & it has also been considered as a major cause of hair loss for quite a long time. However, extensive research has found out no correlation between dandruff & hair loss. Vigorous scratching of scalp due to itching caused by dandruff can, apparently, cause hair fall.

Caps/Hats – A Reason for Hair Loss

Hats/Caps lead to hair loss, is yet another common myth, which needs to be addressed. There is no scientific evidence to be presented in support of hats/caps, inducing hair loss. So, stop gazing your beautiful hat in suspicion from now onwards.

Re-Growth of Dead Follicles is Possible

It has been believed by some that the dead hair follicles can be made to relive again. Sadly, this doesn’t hold true. There are treatments which can help thicken existing Hair Follicles or else, the only option available is hair transplant which can be done through Strand-by-Strand – The Ultimate or Strand-by-Strand Cosmetic mode of treatments at any of our studios across the globe.

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