Hair Fall Count Exceeded 100 a day? Here's What You Should Do!

  • 29 December 2018
Hair Fall Count Exceeded 100 a day Here's What You Should Do

Understanding the reason behind hair fall

Flaunting a chrome dome is great but only to the extent when it’s your choice. Getting to the reality, no one wants to go bald!

Find out : 9 signs to identify if it’s likely for you to go bald.

Research says that hair loss can begin really early if proper care is not taken. Give the priority that your hair requires right now before it’s too late. As rightly said, the earlier the better.

Yes, genetics play an important role in determining hair loss. But, it ain’t the only reason, there are multiple other factors like the environment, your daily routine, eating habits etc. that are equally important.

There isn’t any specific age when one can start losing their hair. Thus, getting an early daily care routine is utmost important in order to prevent excessive hair shedding as well as baldness. As rightly said, it’s better to act today than regret tomorrow!

In our previous edition of blogs, we had stated why it is better to put a check on hair fall in its early stages.

Hair Fall Count Exceeded 100 a day Here's What You Should Do


The 2 are one of the most commonly used techniques of implant.

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) - Through this technique, units are implanted in the balding area. It really works well for small patches.
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) - In this technique, a piece of suitable scalp skin is cut out and grafted at the place of balding. This method gives a higher yield along with great satisfaction.
Hair Fall Count Exceeded 100 a day Here's What You Should Do

The most effective ways to prevent and control hair fall:

  • Get the most appropriate and accurate consultation.
  • Use the right comb.
  • Be wise while selecting your hair care products.
  • Be generous towards your hair.
  • Take appropriate care of your scalp.
  • Choose a healthy diet.
  • Don’t use too many hair products.
  • Take necessary supplements.
  • Choose the right salon services.
  • Go for regular exercise.
Hair Fall Count Exceeded 100 a day Here's What You Should Do

The Procedure at Advanced Hair Studio:

  • Once you visit our studio, you have to undergo a series of consultations.
  • This would be followed by an Advanced Hair Check that determines the problem areas followed by a series of consultations.
  • This help us gauge the exact cause/ problem and provide the best possible solution.
  • We evaluate the scalp as well as hair and then brief the clientage as per their condition.

Why choose Advanced Hair Studio?

  • We provide the best and most accurate consultations.
  • We have the best in class non-surgical hair regain procedures.
  • Our products are class apart.
  • We are one of the oldest hair care providers with a rich experience of 45 years.
  • We hire the best talents in the industry.
  • We upgrade our knowledge & technique regularly.
  • We follow all new researches closely & incorporate it into our treatments.
  • We guarantee the most competitive price as well as the result.
  • Advanced Hair Studio is much ahead of its competitors in terms of product variety, technology, methodology and range when it comes to cosmetic hair replacement.
  • We have regular technological and research upgradation.
  • Our team of experts provide the best hair loss treatment in the city.


Visit us at Advanced Hair Studio & say Hi to Gorgeous Hair!

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