Disney Characters with Luscious & Shiny hair


Disney Characters with Luscious & Shiny hair

  • 19 February 2020
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Many Disney cartoon characters with their glittery and thick attractive hair are complementary to each other. As we speak of this, you must have got glimpses of those famous Disney princesses in your mind with their trademark beautiful Disney hair. We can find numerous Disney characters who are specifically known for their hair – Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel to name a few. There is no dearth of male characters either - Aladdin, Prince Eric, Flynn Rider and many more.

A closer look at many such characters will reveal how much importance is laid by Disney on the kind of hair their characters don, which not only renders them their distinct identity but also helps in the effective portrayal of their social background and circumstances.

Famous Disney Characters

Let us discuss a few most popular Disney characters who amongst other reasons are known for their unique and succulent hair.


Ariel is instantly recognizable from her well-known red locks. In one of her movies, it is entirely mesmerizing to see how her hair flows seamlessly under the water.

Tiana is such a princess who we have seen her in many avatars with new stylish hair every time. From a sensible low ponytail to rocking a princess topknot, she can be seen taking quite a practical approach towards her hair. She seems to have a knack for understanding how to style her hair for a variety of occasions. Tiana wears a jaunty in - a chic, flapper-style bob paired with feather accessory during her “Almost There” dream sequence.



Jasmine looks her best charismatic princess in her full, glorious hair. From being adequate for those magic carpet rides to the dramatic exits, her tri-ponytail is just the perfect fit.

Intrepid princess Mulan seems to be the inspiration behind the short haircut many have been falling for. In one of the flicks, Mulan is seen chopping her locks with a sword as straight as it can be, which makes her a symbol of courage.


Snow White

One of the most adored amongst them all - Snow White looks absolutely adorable in her dark curls and a red bow.

Aurora has an effortless style that inspires her fans to look their best, no matter what destiny has in the store. Casual elegance finds a material form in Aurora’s loose curls.



Pocahontas looks majestic in her straight and long locks which go all wavy with the wind. Be it painting or canoeing, her locks look all pleasant and full of colors in the wind.

Ponytails might look slack sometimes, however, Belle is an emblem of how to do them right. With the perfect blend of effortless beauty pulled together with loose pieces and her blue bow, she makes it you want to go for it.



One of the most iconic looks in the history of Disney, Cinderella’s magical hair transformation is one of the best we can find out there amongst those lasses. Most graceful and ideal for that rendezvous with the prince charming.



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Many of us grow up watching these Disney cartoon characters on the TV screen dreaming of having hair like them one day. However, hair loss problems which are prevalent today owing to stressful and busy lives we are living, such dreams may get impaired.

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Nail Robins
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Sharid Sarwardhi
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Prasoon Gupta
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