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  • 08 March 2018
  • Advanced Hair Studio

Hair loss is a very common problem. Reasons may vary from a simple and temporary— vitamin deficiency— to more complex underlying health conditions. Other reasons for hair loss could be unhealthy lifestyle, improper diet and lack of exercise or meditation in daily lives. Hair loss has affected many people from all over the world, be it a celebrity or a common man, nobody wishes to experience hair loss. Advanced Hair Studio is the world’s largest hair restoration and hair retention company offering hair loss solutions and hair fall treatment for any type and stage of hair loss. Here are a few examples of famous celebrities who got the treatment at Advanced Hair Studio -

1. Jatin Sapru - Indian Sports Commentator

Jatin Sapru got Advanced Hair Studio’s ‘The Complete’ done! It consists of 2 procedures: Strand by Strand – The Ultimate and Strand by Strand – Cosmetic. The objective of ‘The Complete’ is to fix both his receding hairline through the hair transplant and the lack of hair on his cranial area through the non-surgical cosmetic replacement. He says this was the best hair restoration choice he could have made. Sports commentator by profession, he faced the camera all the time making it important to give a lasting impression. Jatin Sapru is immensely satisfied with Advanced Hair Studio’s hair loss solutions.

2. Jacques Kallis - South African Cricketer

Jacques Kallis got his cosmetic hair replacement done at Advanced Hair Studio. He underwent the Strand by Strand – Cosmetic replacement. It is one of the best hair loss solution because of several reasons – it is far ahead of traditional cosmetic hair replacement solutions like a hair patch, wigs or weavings, as it is performed by a highly trained professional and qualified team of hair experts with full focus for attaining results that give you “Hair To Play With” and it can give a head full of hair to anyone in any stage of hair loss, guaranteed!

Your favourite celebs at Advanced Hair Studio

3. Shane Warne - Australian Cricketer

Famous Australian cricketer, Shane Warne took the ‘Supernatural’ which is a combination of Advanced Laser Therapy and Strand by Strand – The Ultimate hair fall treatments from Advanced Hair Studio. He experienced a significant improvement in the hair growth through Advanced Laser Therapy whose objective is to retain existing hair through the super powerful laser beam technology that is proven to maintain the health of scalp and the follicle. Strand by Strand – The Ultimate also gave him effective results not only in framing the cricket legend’s face by creating a beautiful hair line but it also allows him to grow his own hair! He strongly suggests Advanced Hair Studio to people looking for hair fall treatment.

4. Lydia Schiavello – Actress and TV Personality

For decades, women are worried about their physical appearance. Your hair plays a major role in beautifying your look, making hair loss solutions important. The famous Real Housewives of Melbourne actress, Lydia Schiavello, underwent Advanced Hair Studio’s Flashpoint treatment. Flashpoints is the world’s most sophisticated hair extension procedures. Flashpoints are a breakthrough in hair technology that will transform your dull, lifeless, fine or short hair in a matter of hours to allow you to create the look you have always wanted. Lydia Schiavello says that she loved how Flashpoint uses no glues, no waxes and no weaving, but rather a sophisticated hair extension procedure where a link of your new Flashpoints is attached to a lock of your hair. Best of all they are re-usable time and time again!

5. Sourav Ganguly - Indian Cricketer

Sourav Ganguly was suffering from severe thinning of hair. He took ‘The Complete’ hair restoration treatment – combination of Strand by Strand – Cosmetic and Strand by Strand – The Ultimate to take care of the advanced stage of his hair loss, especially in the crown area. He is very satisfied with the results and he refers’ Advanced Hair Studio to all the colleagues and friends for their breakthrough technology, exceptional customer service and hospitality that makes it worth every penny.

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