Can Microbes in Our Gut Help in Hair Loss


Can Microbes in Our Gut Help in Hair Loss

  • 05 March 2020
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Hair loss is such a prevalent issue these days that the market is virtually flooded with hair loss treatments and medicines, with many of them making tall claims of curing the hair loss problem. However, an overwhelming number of these products often offer only a partial or practically no solution to the issue as these are prepared with minimal or no research. On the other hand, there are scientists and pharmaceutical companies which are engaged in continuous and earnest research to find permanent and globally applicable solutions to hair loss problems. Many things have been tried, with new approaches looked at for the remedy of the issue. One such possible solution being looked at is the use of microbes to overcome the issue.

Factors responsible for hair loss

There are numerous factors responsible for hair loss such as natural, artificial and medical, many of which can either prove to be a trigger that causes a person to start losing hair, or aggravate an already-existing condition. These factors include:

1. Food : In the same way as our other body parts, hair growth also depends upon the various nutrients that our bodies possess, and the absence of some nutrients, also the excess of some can affect the hair growth cycle. A diet lacking in nutrients such as Vitamin B, protein, iron that are critical for the production of keratin, can also cause hair loss problems. While on the other hand, excess of vitamin A in the body can prove to be toxic, causing adverse body effects which include fatigue and loss of appetite, often resulting in hair loss.


On the contrary, there are food items which have been found to exacerbate the hair fall problem, these include sugar, mackerel, tuna, swordfish, etc.

2. Trauma : Stress resulting from emotional and physical trauma, such as surgery can seriously impact the body, and manifest in hair fall. Some diet regiments which help with drastic weight-loss may cause physiological trauma manifesting in hair loss.

However, stress-related hair loss is often found dominantly in women compared to men, and is usually temporary spanning 3 weeks to 6 months.


3. Medications and medical conditions: Hypothyroidism which is a common medical condition, affecting both men and women can also cause hair loss. Affecting those with an underactive thyroid gland that produces thyroxine hormone, which is responsible for performing important bodily functions that include utilisation of fats and carbohydrates, regulation of body temperature, and production of protein. Protein is a vital nutrient required for the production of keratin, inadequate supply of which to an underactive thyroid translates into slow hair growth, often resulting in receding hairline.

Medications and medical conditions

Those taking medication such as blood thinners for high blood pressure and depression may also experience temporary hair loss.

4. Chemotherapy is one of the prime reasons for balding found amongst cancer patients, affecting both men and women. Not all chemotherapy treatments always result in hair loss, however there are some treatments which involve the use of drugs such as Altretamine, Carboplatin, Docetaxel, etc., these can potentially cause hair thinning and hair fall, with varying impact from patient to patient depending on drug dose. Radiation therapy used sometimes during cancer treatment may also result in hair loss, however only affecting the areas targeted by radiation.

5. Natural hair subjected to constant physical stress in the form of excessive brushing or combing, tight ponytails, extreme massage or scratching can become weak and experience a hampered growth.

6. Hair care and styling products that include conditioner, hair dye, shampoo, gels and perm, bleach etc. may contain chemicals that can partially harm or cause serious damage to the scalp, often resulting in hair thinning and loss



A microbe also referred to as microscopic organism is a living thing found everywhere – water, air and soil. However, the term is quite general, which is used to refer to varied life forms, varying in size and characteristics. Our bodies have millions of such microbes living in our body, which regulate many bodily procedures.

These microorganisms are so tiny in size that we cannot see them with the naked eye. If we want to see them, we need to use special equipment such as a microscope which enables us to enlarge our vision with the use of powerful lenses.

Microbes are found largely in two varieties – healthy and harmful. Protozoa is an example of healthy microbes, while bacteria and viruses are the prominent examples of harmful microbes.

Microbes for treating hair loss

There has been some research and experimentation with the use of microbes found in human guts to treat the problem of hair loss which largely affects men who have to go hair regrowth solutions

The bacteria which are found in our gut are important for a healthy gastrointestinal tract.

Micro-organisms contain enzymes which are used to break down food. During this process, vital micro-nutrients are produced, such as vitamin K, biotin, niacin, B12 and folic acid.

Biotin is a type of vitamin B7 which is often found in mushrooms and soybeans, scarcity of which can directly result in hair loss and skin disease. There are gut bacteria capable of producing biotin, while there are others which break down and consume biotin. Often seen in patients with serious conditions like celiac disease, Biotin deficiency is also found in pregnant women.

Poor diet, stress, frequent use of antibiotics, etc. are linked to depletion of healthy gut microbes. Overuse of antibiotics, popular obsession with avoiding germs, combined with the use of grooming products adverse to the development of commensal bacteria are believed to be the potential contributors in the trend towards declining microbial diversity in adults. Numerous studies which compared the microbial content of adults living in countries with limited access to effective medicines with those in living in developed countries have established that a dysbiotic microbiome is unlikely to efficiently perform functions which are vital to regulation of the hair cycle, which includes supplying nutrients, synthesizing certain vitamins, apart from regulating aspects of the immune system also. Changes to the microbiome can potentially cause the functions to get compromised resulting in countless health problems, including but not limited to hair loss.

Alopecia which is a common hair loss problem is essentially an autoimmune disorder in which the body attacks the hair follicles which manifests in hair growth prevention. As with other autoimmune diseases, inflammation is the problem which requires treatment. To reduce inflammation, probiotics are used which produce biotin. Biotin, which is an essential vitamin for hair growth, is usually present in our body. However, in the case of biotin deficiency, taking probiotic can have a significant impact on hair loss slowing it down. In a few popular experiments, mice suffering from alopecia which were treated with probiotics and administered biotin saw a cessation in hair loss.

It however is noteworthy that an understanding of how gut bacteria impacts hair loss can help in preventing further hair loss, but not reverse it.

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