Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss: Myths & Facts


Can Masturbation Cause Hair Loss: Myths & Facts

  • 23 June 2021
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
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Hair loss is a common problem witnessed by numerous people of all ages. It results from varied causes ranging from hereditary issues to physical and mental ailments. Insufficient and unbalanced consumption of nutrients can also lead to hair fall problems.

However, it is important for one to understand that just like all other ailments, hair fall problems also have numerous solutions. With the advancement of technology, there has been a rise in the treatment options available to cure any kind and any stage of hair fall problems. You can choose among medical, surgical as well as natural remedies to cure your hair fall.

It becomes imperative to identify the cause of the hair fall problem to speed up the treatment. It is commonly believed that one can experience hair loss due to masturbation based on the myths created around this issue. However, you must know that the actual cause of your hair problems is not masturbation but other causes such as improper diet, hormonal imbalances, hereditary problems and lack of a proper hair care routine. You must therefore stop wondering if you are facing hair fall due to masturbation.

Many articles will make you believe that masturbation creates an increase in the presence of DHT which is one of the major reasons behind male pattern baldness. While there will be other sayings that would make you believe that while masturbating one loses protein resulting in hair fall issues.

All these statements made are generally backed by scientific terms and concepts which are beyond comprehension but you must know that they are nothing more than myths. Even though the semen contains proteins, no lack of protein for the hair can be created because of masturbating or sex. Further, it has also been proved in a scientific study that masturbation does not cause any effect on the DHT levels and therefore there is no reason why masturbation would affect your hair.

Read with us to know what can be the causes behind your hair fall problems, how you can cure them and find an answer to the question: does masturbation cause hair fall?

What Causes Random Hair Loss?

It is considered normal for a person to shed 50 to 100 hair a day, however, there might be a problem if this number exceeds. The cause behind hair fall problems are numerous and therefore, they vary from person to person. For some people, this problem can be genetic while for others it could be a result of improper care. Here are some of the common reasons behind hair loss:

  • Heredity problems: One of the most common causes of hair fall problems is family history. The main reason behind male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness is hereditary problems. This problem is known as androgenic alopecia and occurs in an identified pattern over a period for both men and women.
  • Hormonal changes: Hormonal changes resulting from a number of factors such as menopause, pregnancy, thyroid issues and childbirth can also contribute to hair loss problems. You must consider the changes that your body is going through to take note of these causes.
  • Medical conditions: Hair loss can also be caused as a result of the drugs you intake for curing certain medical conditions. The drugs taken for severe maladies such as cancer, heart problems, arthritis, depression as well as high blood pressure can cause hair fall as a side effect of these strong medicines.
  • Stress: One of the major factors resulting in hair fall, especially in the case of young people is stress. Taking a lot of stress can harm the body in more ways than we can think of. Not just everyday stress but a major event that caused excessive stress can also be the reason behind hair loss problems.
  • Hairstyling and treatments: The use of chemicals on hair damages them severely. Undergoing hair treatments such as a keratin treatment or using hair dyes very frequently can all lead to hair fall. Styling hair very frequently by using heat or even tying the hair too tightly can also weaken the roots causing hair fall problems.
  • Improper hair care routine: One must take care of the hair just like we take care of the skin. It is essential to take good care of the hair on both an internal and an external level. You must use a hair mask regularly and also massage your hair to ameliorate blood circulation. Conditioning the hair is also an important part of strengthening them.
  • Improper diet: Just like the rest of the body, the hair also needs nutrients to strengthen and be in good shape. Certain nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D are essential for the hair to grow fast and healthy. By not consuming a balanced diet, hair lacks the necessary nutrients and as a result, keeps shedding.

The above stated points are some of the causes behind hair fall problems that are witnessed by people generally. However, it is essential to identify the cause behind your hair fall problems in order to start the appropriate treatment. Therefore, you must visit a hair specialist to determine the exact cause in your case by conducting various tests.

Followed by the identification tests, a hair specialist can also guide you on the appropriate treatment among the different surgical and medical treatments available. Further, if a hair transplant is required they can also recommend a hair surgeon to you.

Does Thinking Cause Hair Loss?

Thinking too much can be a reason behind hair loss problems. Stress has been identified as a major reason behind hair loss problems in several scientific studies. Thinking too much can cause one to lose strands of hair leading to bald patches. It might also happen that a person undergoing stress may lose hair from other parts of the body.

However, you must remember at all times that it is still possible to regrow these hairs by following the appropriate medical treatment. The only important thing is to engage in activities that help you in reducing stress to make the treatment more effective.

Can Less Sleep Cause Hair Loss?

Can Less Sleep Cause Hair Loss?

For proper functioning, our body needs 6-8 hours of good sleep every day. Lack of proper sleep can negatively impact the body in multiple ways and also add up to stress. It can also cause hair thinning over time due to excessive stress.

Sleeping produces the human growth hormones which are necessary for the body and it also contributes to the production of melatonin which is linked to hair growth. It, therefore, becomes imperative for you to follow a proper sleep schedule, not just to keep yourself active but also to maintain good health.

Can Stress Cause Balding?

Excessive stress is directly related to losing hair and eventually balding. The body underperforms in stress and therefore causes obstructions in the regular functioning. It is important to do regular exercise, meditation or yoga to relieve stress and lead a healthy life. You must therefore know the facts about hair fall problems instead of wondering : does masturbation lead to hair fall.

There are multiple treatments such as hair transplant, hair thickening, flashpoints, medicinal shampoos and drugs, cosmetic procedures as well as natural remedies that can help you cure hair loss problems. There are solutions that can aid you in stopping hair fall as well as in promoting hair regrowth. All you must do is consult a hair specialist and start on your treatment as early as you can for the best results.

Therefore, if you are wondering : can masturbation cause hair loss, the answer is no. There are multiple other reasons that can contribute to hair loss that must be paid attention to.

We, at Advanced Hair Studio, house extremely skilled and experienced hair specialists and hair surgeons who can help you in overcoming all your hair fall issues. Our specialists are acquainted with the latest technology to provide you with the best hair treatment. Not just this, but you can also contact our hair specialist if you have any doubts such as does masturbation cause hair fall or if you wish to know the natural remedies to cure hair fall and they will be happy to guide you.

It often happens that we come across certain myths and believe in them such as does masturbation cause hair loss. However, it is important to clear out the myths and facts from a reliable source to stray clear from believing in false things. Therefore, you must consult a hair specialist before you believe in any hearsay just like that.

Book an appointment with Advanced Hair Studio today and get rid of all your hair problems.

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