5 Tips to Control the Uncontrollable Hair Damage


5 Tips to Control the Uncontrollable Hair Damage

  • 19 July 2019
  • Hair Experts @ AHS
  • 4 min. read

Are you one of those anxious souls who are suffering from catastrophic hair damage? Your mane is frizzy, kinky, fuzzy, coarse, dry or thinning? Are you frantically looking for ways to overcome this? Are you confused because of the many advice & solutions that you are faced with?

Not to worry! This is something each one of us go through while searching for the most effective solution. So here are 5 tips which would work as a ‘magic wand’ to give a new life to your tresses.

Tip #1. A Balanced Diet Plays the Most Pivotal Role:

Like all other parts of the body, your tresses too take nourishment from what you eat. Therefore, keep in mind to follow a healthy, balanced diet which provides vitamins, proteins, zinc- all that follicles need to flourish on.

Any imbalance in diet will lead to deficiency which eventually will hamper hair growth & quality, & damage your hair beyond repair.

A Balanced Diet Plays the Most Pivotal Role

Abstinence from Heating Gadgets, harsh Hair Products

Tip #2. Abstinence from Heating Gadgets, harsh Hair Products:

In this modern time, keeping up with the fashion trends is extremely essential but equally critical is to have awareness about the techniques & procedures. Abstaining from permanent treatments that use excessive heat is advised. Hair products which are chemical free & soft will ensure best results as they protect the follicles or strands. You will pay a heavy price if you are ignorant about these facts as using them will cause uncontrollable damage to your strands.

Tip #3. Pamper with Oils, Conditioners & Masks:

Pamper your tresses & protect them all the time. There are natural oils, masks & conditioners that repair & retain the goodness of the strands. You should find out which ingredients best suit your hair type and these gifts of nature will protect your mane from any harm. If you do not fix & follow a regime to pamper your hair you may witness great damage to it.

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Pamper with Oils, Conditioners & Masks

Protect from Environmental Pollution & Radiation

Tip #4. Protect from Environmental Pollution & Radiation:

Pollutants present in the environment & radiation from exposure to sun can create havoc for your crowning glory. Cover your hair while stepping outdoors for a longer period as the pollutants & dirt cling to the scalp & clog it. These also make the strands frizzy & brittle. Sun radiation tends to sap the moisture & cause sunburn to the scalp, resulting in damaging the follicles that will need hair treatment.

Tip #5. Make Lifestyle Changes & Keep Stress at Bay:

Stress & tension are major factors that need to be kept at bay as they are known to cause hair loss. Good 8 hours regular sleep always does wonders to one’s overall health including hair. A moderate exercise regime of 45 minutes should be incorporated in your daily routine if you want to have tresses of which others are envious.

Make Lifestyle Changes & Keep Stress at Bay


If these 5 tips are followed judiciously by you then you can possibly see reduction in uncontrollable hair damage that has been plaguing you again and again. The awareness about these thumb rules may ensure your hair remains healthy.

Still, if you are suffering from any issue of hair that is beyond your understanding, then feel free to contact your nearest AHS branch which specializes in hair loss treatment. They are an international company well known for their unique and distinctive hair fall treatments.

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Nail Robins
Nail Robins
I am honestly thankful to Advanced Hair Studios. I suffer from a hair-pulling disorder. There is this constant urge to pull off your hair follicles. It is painless when you pull but extremely painful when you see a missing patch on your scalp. But, I feel blessed with AHS hair fall treatment. I can see baby hair growing. It’s been two weeks. All I can see is low hair fall.
Sharid Sarwardhi
Sharid Sarwardhi
I have done my hair transplant surgery in AHS Delhi Branch on 2019 by travelling to Delhi from Dhaka, Bangladesh. The front and the back portion of my head were bald and through the hair transplant surgery, they have managed to cover the front portion of my head and the former appearance of my face returned back. The way they collected hairs from the donor portion did not affect my donor area at all. I am quite happy with my result. I have been consulting with them for a second seating so that they can cover the back portion of my head as well so that the hair density on top will increase and the bald portion of my head will reduce to a minimum level.
Prasoon Gupta
Prasoon Gupta
Hi all, I had a problem with my hair, and I visited Advanced Hair Studio, Hyderabad. Here, the experts are amazing. My low hair density problem was explained very nicely, and some solutions were suggested. The solutions were fantastic. If you have any such issues, I recommend that you come and make an appointment. There was a lot of care and attention displayed by their staff in handling my hair fall issue. Similarly, the receptionists are both friendly and courteous, and the atmosphere is clean and fresh. This clinic deserves 5 stars.

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