3 Ultimate Hair Growth Products & Services for Men

  • 01 November 2018

3 Ultimate Hair Growth Products & Services for Men

Recent progressions in medical technology have made the dream of restoring one’s hair a reality. The availability of positive hair growth and maintenance products has solved the recurring problems of numerous people, who are experiencing various types of hair issues.

Advanced Hair Studio has a range of reliable hair growth products that have helped millions of men and women to regrow their hair all around the world. Our hair growth products are based on the latest technology and informed by our hair experts to create products for thinning hair that work and deliver the results that our clients expect. With these products, experience an increase in hair growth, a decrease in shedding, and overall thicker and healthier hair.

Discover 3 Ultimate hair growth products for men and select the ones you need to achieve the results you are looking for:

Advanced Laser Helmet

3 Ultimate Hair Growth Products & Services for Men

Advanced Laser Helmet is a safe and effective hair regrowth product that can be used in the privacy of your own home. It is a hands-free cordless device that requires only two 20-minute treatment sessions per week to get the best results. The Advanced Laser Helmet is a biomedically-designed laser explicitly developed to treat hair loss in men. The high-efficiency lasers in the helmet are scientifically developed, that deliver maximum light and power.

However, there is also a need to understand that hair loss doesn’t occur overnight and hence neither does hair growth. Clinical trials have shown that over time, with only twice-a-week, 20-minute sessions at home, you can start expecting a full head of healthy hair.

Advanced Laser Therapy

3 Ultimate Hair Growth Products & Services for Men

Advanced Laser Therapy is the most selected treatment when it comes to hair retention and hair regrowth for men who are experiencing hair thinning, especially those in the initial stages of hair loss. This therapy not only thickens and strengthens the thinning hair but also improve the current condition of one’s scalp and hair health. Most of the clients who went through this treatment experience hair regrowth within 4 months and were highly satisfied with the results. This is the reason why Advanced Laser Therapy is a highly recommended procedure by Advanced Hair Studio.

Advanced Hair Studio Hair Fitness Programme

3 Ultimate Hair Growth Products & Services for Men

Advanced Hair Studio’s Hair Fitness Programme is a revolutionary 4-month programme that combines powerful and FDA-approved Laser Therapy – featuring the latest laser beam technology – with a set of products and supplements designed to produce thicker, healthier and denser hair. Containing Serenoa, our product that has been proven successful in hair regrowth in men. The results show that 85% of users reported no further hair loss and were completely satisfied.

The Advanced Hair Clinic Hair Fitness range also contains Wheat Amino Acids and Panthenol to condense and provide greater flexibility to the hair streaks. Serenoa is a naturally occurring herb whose oral dose hindering the action of 5-Alpha Reductase, reducing the production of DHT and thus attacking the principle cause of hair loss.

Try these products today and experience the most wonderful results ever!

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