Advanced Hair Studio the world’s largest company in hair restoration and retention which started in United States in 1976, opens its foray of hair thinning and hair loss solutions to the corporate personas of the young and vibrant India across the entire length and breath of this vast nation. The vastness of the skilful India and the complexities involved with making India the next success story in the todays world more and more of India is undergoing immense amount of pressures to make their dreams a reality.

With this vigour these motivated minds, we see are facing some new found challenges that were not too predominate a decade ago. Today we find more and more corporate go-getters coming to our studios and bringing forth a story that is now getting fairly very common. Work life imbalances and the resultant stress, Inadequate nutrition and food, High-levels of product experimentation and the worst of all; Inadequate amount of time to look after one’s own wellness.

Understanding these concerns our team of hair loss experts choose to bring forth all the pectora of answers to all your possible questions that we have found answers to in the confines of your comfort; that we have garnered due to our, over 45 years of experience gained through the 300 + studios and alliances established and present across the globe, having catered to celebrity clients and ambassadors like Shane Warne, Kate Hallam, Gautam Gambhir, AB De Villers, and many more. Our 2 research and development labs and over 1 million satisfied clients confirm that we look to continue delivering guaranteed and assured services under one roof for anyone wanting a head full of hair and the confidence to transform their personality.

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Use our products to get quick natural solutions with grooming services free of cost.

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Consultation and free grooming services worth Rs. 1500

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