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The past many decades of dealing with patrons of various ages our hair loss expert teams have had a lot of experiences that can be shared. One such case in point was the experience at the activity we had done at Malabar Hill Club where for a chance we got to talk to people having pleasant and not so pleasant experiences in their fight for finding their solutions for their concerns of hair. The primary fact we came across patrons with pleasant experience was their pursuit of the right answers at the right initial conditions of hair concerns they faced. We agreed. Our own data of the past many decades has shown that the number of people suffering from similar issues of hair would have come to us in a condition where they would have moved themselves into advanced levels of damage and then possibly started hunting for their solutions.

This where the inception of these activities was done where our team of hair loss experts would start sharing as much information as possible with as many patrons as possible. Our data used to show us 65% of the population visiting hour hair loss centre in Mumbai coming at a time when they would have also moved into conditions that could be termed to be conditions of balding that are irreversible in nature with those programs that many of us are able to undertake and render fair results for ourselves. This relearning was an interesting episode for our team as elsewhere we go, we have seen patrons expressing their experiences of not so pleasant kind. This gives our team fuel to keep moving forward and finding the appropriate solutions for each condition that comes to us and support them move forward towards their hair goals.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the cause that currently more and more youngsters are facing these problems?

    Our experience shows that this is true. With every passing decade the average age of patrons visiting us is only reducing. Interactions with our clients have helped us understand that the concerns were possibly more evident in the later part of their lives a few decades back, while in the current condition it is showing up in patrons in their early twenties. This is dependent on a host of combinations such as family predisposition to conditions of hair loss, health factors as well as medical factors in some cases. On the other side of the spectrum usage of aggressive chemicals and medications of certain kind on the body to possibly the stress of prolong duration on the body. Having said that hair loss centre in Mumbai is equipped to support any individual at any stage of hair loss irrespective of their age as well as gender. You can always visit our center to know more and help yourself move forward.