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Some interesting numbers to look at and ponder upon. The average age of a citizen in New India ranges between 25-29 years of age. This average denizen contributes in percentage as high as 50% of the demographics and as high as 65% of the denizens are below the age of 35.

Now to the other side of the coin. The contribution of these individuals suffering from some form of hair concerns. By the time men touch 35 and women 45, 65% and 485 respectively have had noticeable concerns of such kind.

The third and the most important aspect to note. The average number of individuals who ignore the concerns of such nature and consult someone professional about it are 85%.

Understanding the implications of these three independent facts and also seeing that a wide range of these denizens are in the working age group the team at Advanced Hair Studio’s, hair loss clinic in Hyderabad, took the debate forward and instead of waiting for these people to reach out for help at a time when a lot of loss would have already been done; decided to reach them at a time when the initiation of such a concern may begin. Our exposure across the world has helped our team realise that more and more individuals start facing similar concerns by the time the have reached their mid-thirties but unfortunately by then many among them have actually reached a condition where balding is no more a process but has become the end.

The faster you know of the problem the more time you have to find a way out. Well before the damage is done choosing to work upon to save one’s hair is becoming a well-timed strategy as prevention proves to be a far better choice than running behind a cure. Unfortunately for the concerns of hair loss once the damage is done the cure is as yet not identified.

This visit at the residential hub was done in order to convey this very truth to the world around. The denizens at NCC Urban did find their answers at the right time. Are you looking for some? If so, call our team of experts at 040-41159191 and seek the knowledge that you need to be having for yourself.