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Gone are the days of seeing your hair keep losing density every passing day. Why wait? The wait helps no one. World over more and more people facing hair thinning and hair loss are proving to be younger and younger every passing decade. What is causing it? Is there any reason of this change? Well the answers are as simple and at the same time as complex as can be. The basic reasons of hair thinning and hair loss are known to almost all of us. We all know that stress, food, lifestyle and a lot of other variables are playing a role. The right thing to ask is why is it so difficult to fight and how can one postpone the problem, if at all its possible.

The answer to these questions lies in the information we need to know to understand what kind of a problem one is looking at. Is it pure heredity? Or is it one life-choices? Or is it an amalgamation of all these and more? The questions can be many, but the answers are surely available now, no matter what ones age or gender. In all probability the simplest of things to do is to follow the following checklist and start the journey towards a happier self.

  • Keep a lookout for the early signs of hair thinning
  • Understand if you are suffering from hair thinning or is it balding
  • Understand what you want to achieve as an end goal
  • Finally understand what is possible to be done to achieve that end goal

For the past 47+ years this is how we have solved hair thinning and hair loss issues of almost a million plus clients across the world. Our hair loss clinic in Mumbai is has been operating in the spear of hair loss in Mumbai for above a decade now. The expertise gained world over is now helping men and women in Mumbai to fight their hair demons. Be it thinning or balding or anything in between, the right place to be is at Advanced Hair Studio, Mumbai. Don’t take our word for it! Glance through the long list of stories and journeys that our team of hair loss experts have undertaken with a host of our clients and patrons.

Our goal is to get a head full of hair for everyone. You could be our next story we would want to create. Join us on a path to fulfilling your better self. Book now!

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