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Working towards a healthy lifestyle is an important way of getting extra out of one’s daily routine. Exercise is great if one is able to strike the right balance between Fitness and Appearance. It is difficult to find this balance. Have you found yours?

Hair plays a vital role when it comes to aesthetics and appearance. Hair fitness is being termed as equally important was body fitness as one point in time. With the changing world dynamics we see more and more people asking the same question: “What should I do with my hair?” Scanty and Sweaty hair is no one’s favorite look. Find out how to tailor your hair care and get your hair checked by the world’s top hair loss experts at Hellocity.

If you are experiencing any kind of hair issues like hair thinning or hair loss for that matter, consider a Hair Check to determine the cause. Hair check is an early detection of an early sign of hair thinning and hairloss concerns.

Because, Fitness is no more Head to toe, it’s about Hair to Toe.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can you send you team to my home to do the session ?

    For patrons such as yourself who are unable to visit our hair loss centre in Ahmedabad as per the required timelines of the program, our team of experts have designed the programs to be either quite short to be managed within our hair loss centres across India in a matter of a few days as well as have the programs managed from the comfort of your home. To know more about this, connect with your hair expert to see what customisation is possible in your choice of program.

  • Do I have to take care of a lot of after care ?

    The program decides what kind of after care is needed. Most of the time the level of after care effort needed is fairly limited to a short duration. It also depends if you have any specific requirements then the timelines can be suggested on a case-to-case basis after understanding in details the expectations on the same line. The programs have been designed in a manner to support any kind of requirements that come along the course of the procedure chosen. Hence it can be said that your normal life can keep continuing without much of the things to be taken note off unless any specific guidelines have been laid to achieve your specific objectives.