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From being an old British outpost in the early 1900s to becoming one of the major hubs for the city of Bangalore, Whitefield has soon been converted into the happening part of the city of Bangalore. It has equally laid its footprint in the bigger gambit of things by getting on the world map in the later part of 1990’s. The locale has slowly moved from being the first IT park into a crazier corner having seen the long rush hours that are an accepted side today.

The cultural hub is now seeing the evolution of major housing projects to commercial spaces leading to high density of the denizens encompassing its known spear. The centre is on its way to be crowned the hub of new Bangalore for the kinds of changes it is seeing.

Having said that all is not rosy with the picture. There are always two sides to the coin as is said. The fast-paced life is also leading to lifestyle issues as high pollution be it with regards to noise or with water. The malls, the tech parks, the art galleries, or the schools, all have given way to certain constrains as well.

Our team of hair loss experts have had the benefit of bring forth the realities for our patrons and help them know what could be the underlying issues that are resulting into heavy loss or heavy thinning in their hair. This is where the activity helped the denizens in Whitefield to find the solutions forward.

Of the 14 visitors at the activity our team of experts got 8 individuals who had some noticeable levels of concerns for which they took detailed understanding. The hair loss experts in Whitefield, Bangalore were able to talk to them and help them understand what could be the right course of action to arrest their hair concerns.

In case you are facing similar concerns have the team dialled at 080-49090900 and have a detailed answer sought.

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