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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Bangalore

A complimentary hair wellness campaign that includes one to one session with the Hair Expert, Holistic diagnosis of hair loss & hair thinning, Real time live images of hair & scalp, hair care tips by hair expert, customized solutions with promotional rates, Guaranteed results for every stage of hair loss.

The event saw a wide segment of the patrons from all over Mangalore come and visit our hair loss experts and get their personalised sessions done with the Advanced Hair Check. It was interesting to see that patrons as young as early 20’s were the highest in numbers with regards to total visitors followed by the age group of 40’s. Our data of our past patrons from our hair loss centre in Bangalore however suggested that the patrons in their 30’s where the highest in numbers when it came to the city of Bangalore. Mangalore on the other hand showed a bit of a difference in the visitor age group. Though one needs to acknowledge that the sample for Mangalore was far lesser in number to be actually compared to Bangalore. To know more of such interesting facts you can go through our site and see for yourself the various facts pertaining to hair and hair loss.

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  • I have taken other products & treatments. But once I stopped all my hair related problem started again. Are your procedures really effective in giving permanent results?

    The solutions designed for our hairloss clients are focused on giving the end results and are tried and tested not only in our labs as well as R&D centers but also have been tried by a large number of actual clients across different continents. We also suggest to be informed about the reality of certain products. Read more here