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Long gone are the days of 9-5 work life. The life of the modern Indian is as busy and interesting as the world over. With the advent of such interesting times there is lesser and lesser time with oneself to know how our body is acknowledging these changes.

The fast and growing life of the denizens of Bangalore has been quite interesting with the advent of the IT hub being recognised world over. Equally it has been found during our regular interactions with our patrons belonging to this sector that they have found a new interest in having the best possible answers to their growing needs of hair concerns.

Understanding this need our team of hair loss experts in Bangalore decided to visit the location to have one to one interaction for the busy denizens of one of India’s newest business hubs. The interaction and general awareness activity was organised to bring about the knowledge gained by the experts of Advanced Hair Studio across the world to the patrons in Bangalore.

What was the plan of action for the meetup?

  • Have brief discussions done to understand the reason of their hair problem
  • Understand how and why life changes affect the condition of our hair
  • What are the reasons that cause hair issues
  • Can family history result in hair issues
  • And much more.

The core objective was to help patrons, men and women in different conditions of concerns and belonging to various age groups see and understand for themselves if they had a concern which they should be worried about.

Date: 16th October 2018

Timings: 11am to 6pm

Address: RMZ Titanium, Domlur , Bangalore

Attendees: 250+

What our clients have to say

Mr.Jeet Bakshi

I had visited my doctor and she suggested nothing could be done for my hair thinning issues as there was genetic predisposition. Good to have met you as now I know there are various possible proven answers. Feeling much relieved now.

Mr. Lalit Arya

Good initiative. I had been to your centre in UK few years back when I lived there. Good that your team is available in Bangalore now.

Mr.Parth Bhatt

I know a lot of people in my family who have lost a lot of hair. Never knew there were such marvellous possibilities. Will share this information with them.

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