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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Vijayawada

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Did you know : About three quarters of adults would be concerned if they just started their careers and experienced hair loss in their twenties.

A great opportunity for the members of Talwalkars as Advanced Hair Studio is coming to Vijayawada to help you detect early signs of hair loss and hair thinning among the people regarding different treatments available for hair loss problems.

Visit us at Talwalkars (Benz Circle) as we are coming to provide hair checks and create awareness about hair loss along with the customized solutions available.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can excessive gym and exercise result in balding?

    During exercising or using a gym one is actually getting the body to function on its optimum level to keep the various functions of the body in appropriate rhythm. The cycles that the body undertakes are supported by doing regular exercising. Hence it is equally right to understand that the right amount of exercising will actually allow better blood flow and hence a better follicle. A healthy follicle hence can support healthier hair. However, it boils down to supporting the body with the right amount and type of nutrients so the functions of the body are appropriately managed. Else it can and does affect the growth of one’s hair. Also, those individuals who are suffering hair loss from reasons other than food would still face the problem inspite of their regular exercising schedule. To understand you can always connect with our experts and find the right solution for your concerns.

  • Could my protein shake causing hair loss?

    Hair loss in essence in majority of the case is caused for a vast number of reasons and is not that simple to presume its core issue. Having said that it is surely been seen by hair loss experts that certain chemicals do fasten the process of balding. If the case is such then the specialised Advanced Hair check can be performed to see the extent of thinning and understand what could be done to get one out of the problem of balding.