Hair Clinic in Chennai | Studio Launch

Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Chennai

2012 is here. The start of the year added a fabulous chapter in the journey of Advanced Hair Studio to bring hair loss solutions and hair loss treatment in Chennai. The professional and the expert team for hair loss and related treatments is now available to the vast expanse of the southern most state of the Indian Subcontinent. The cricket crazy patrons of Chennai were in for a surprise to see one of the great cricketers of current times who happens to be also a client of Advanced Hair Studio for a long time – Mr Doug Bollinger was in the presence of all to not only launch the hair loss centre in Chennai but also share his personal experience.

Over the many years a number of products and solutions have been used by all of India in various forms to curtail and fight the concerns of hair thinning and hair loss but have unfortunately not reached far. This is the very reason that the world experts have now brought this experienced team now to be available in the city of Chennai to support all and any kind of questions and queries that the patrons of this city would have. Not only are the questions now answered but the patrons have also the options of choosing among the best solutions for hair loss in Chennai and no more need to reach other destinations to have the same. Hair loss solutions, now in the confines of your home state and city. Some fine experiences and moments shared below for remembrance.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use any other products to maintain my hair or should I use only specialized products?

    The important answer to understand is to use the right hair products that are right for you. Formula and combination of the nutrients your hair needs. However it is also vital to abstain from harmful chemicals.

  • Will my results look completely natural and undetectable?

    Yes. That is the precise objective. The primary objective is to have that feeling of undetectability. Whether you opt for any procedure, the results have to be undetectable and should definitely not affect your way of life. People will just notice your great hair.

  • Can’t you suggest me a procedure which is only for 1-2 months. I want immediate results?

    Only if anyone could. World research has shown there is no immediate solution for the concerns of hair loss. The reason that the loss has been gradual and has most often gone unnoticed, also plays a role in opting for the appropriate solution. Each issue needs a customized solution when we have to deal with Hair loss. Accordingly appropriate time is also needed to sort out the issue.