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A lot of factors like ongoing environmental pollution and very warm temperature or excessively cold weather also is now known to cause severe hair loss. The concern is being seen equally in both men and women. Delhi - known for its cosmopolitan as well as its busy city life, where each and every one is seen spending most of their time outdoors enjoying the vagaries as well as the brilliance of the Indian Capital. It is becoming too very common that many individuals end up getting their hair affected and hence fall prey to hair fall as well as hair loss resulting out of pollution and heat that they face on a daily basis. Considering the importance of these factors and also understanding the importance of us all having a fair picture about the same the team of Hairloss experts in delhi from the world renowned Advanced Hair Studio, came together to help the patrons of Select City Walk understand the intricate details of possible hair loss concerns in very casual comfortable atmosphere. For more details the patrons would be visiting the hair loss centre in Greater Kailash region of the city.

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  • Does the increasing pollution in the city linked to baldness?

    Various number of researches and whitepapers published across the world by institutes of reports including Advanced Hair Studio experts have seen that the increased levels of environmental pollution can and are causing a lot of skin and hair problems for both the genders. The various toxins and chemicals that we find that constitute in the city’s daily life, which are found in polluted air or polluted water, are known to damage the Keratin fibres which are basically the protein molecules that form the hair structure. As a result, hair follicles which are also referred to as hair roots become very weak and fall. Hence in the longer duration the hair growth begins to slow down drastically due to damaged hair follicles. At Advanced Hair Studio we have had a large number of patrons getting affected by similar issues and that is where our team of experts try to understand the various issues and concerns faced by our patrons during a professionally managed detailed hair consultation to help identify the same and find possible answers to the same.