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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Mumbai

All the visitors were kind enough to share that the concerns faced by them pertaining to hair thinning and hair loss were well in their mind and they had even heard about the strength that Advanced Hair procedures had, but the fact of life of traversing in the commotion we all know as Mumbai due to its traffic snarls pushed their decisions forward. It was a well timed meetup our team of experts setup for them through this event where our availability in their locality helped them take the foot forward and have their queries raised in person to be answered in detail.

What our clients have to say

Frequently asked questions

  • Would we have to travel to Bandra get treatment?

    Yes and No. Both possibilities are there. Over the many years of operating in this field our team of hair loss experts across the world have been able to create special programs where it is possible for our patrons to wanting to either come to our offices which are specially designed with the best infrastructure to fulfil their needs and in the same time also designed programs to be managed from the comfort of their homes. To know more about the same it is ideal to visit our hair loss centres and have a detailed understanding taken for all the possible combinations.

  • Cost of Hair Transplant?

    Cost of hair transplants range across the world at various levels due to various important factors that end up getting lost in the consideration of many hair loss sufferers due to having high focus on the cost factor. When done right the focus on results far outweighs the costs as 25% of cases done today are botched up in many places where focus on cost reduction leads to procedures being performed not by adequate, skilled professionals or compromises on important health regulations. To know detailed information of various cost options feel free to connect with our hair loss experts as they can judge your area of loss to considered what kind of a solution would be apt as hair transplant may not be the only option available.

  • Are procedures guaranteed?

    The team of experts at Advanced Hair Studio has been in the field of restoration for a good 4+ decades. Having spent such a long time in the field and having seen a lot of efforts being made by the patron it has been understood that such commitment needs to be rewarded with results. In order to do the same for every single case that comes to our team, a large list of possibilities have been designed with certain level of commitments and guarantees for the procedure or solution selected.