Press Conference with Kallis

Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Press Conference with Kallis

2011 was the year to have the Southern region of the Indian subcontinent get the exposure like the past years the hair loss experts had brought solutions to the western region from the city of Mumbai and the northern region from the city of Delhi. The journey to fulfil the requirements were to be started from the city of Bangalore which would help our team reach the demands for hair loss solutions in Bangalore and all its periphery.

With the world growing smaller and smaller and the concerns faced by us all becoming very similar the knowledge about the number of things has only increased. The search of such knowledge brought our team of hairloss experts lots of questions and queries from the southern states of Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala on a regular base. Hence it was felt that with the burgeon demand for such answers it was important for us to reach our patrons starting from the city of Bangalore.

To have the flag off done for our hair loss clinic in Bangalore our team was lucky to find Advanced Hair Studio client and ambassador Jacques Kallis join us as our special guest. It has been an exhilarating journey for him to find his foothold back when it comes to his lost hair through Advanced Hair Studio. And equally exciting was the fact that Jacques was upfront to share his lifestory with fighting the battle alone and having found a partner in our hairloss expert team, allowing us a moment of pride and time in the sun. Appreciate the true and honest feedback shared with our team of experts on our big day in Bangalore.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much time they will get result?

    Honestly the time of getting the result varies for every individual. It generally depends on the hair loss condition and the hair treatment opted for. There are solutions that can start giving the results in 4-6 months also and then there are those which may take yields to come in 6-8 months and more. Solutions for instant results, are also there like Hair fibers and Hair extensions.

  • Will medicines give results?

    The first thing we try is to have adhoc medications. World's experience confirms that medications can do something but not all the times. Also it depends on the condition of your hair loss, but in most cases they do not give the desired results and may harm the body instead. You can also try our Laser Therapy in early stages and any of the replacement treatments if required. You can read more here.

  • Should I perform Hair Transplant?

    You should go for hair transplants only if the hair loss is in the stage where the follicles can not be revived. Check this blog to know if you should go for the hair transplant or not