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In order to sufficiently answer their questions, the patrons were invited to the hair loss centre in Hyderabad and get their personalised discussion taken forward as many were also keen on the fact to keep their specific queries at a personal level. Our team of hair loss experts were quite eager to answer all queries and extend support to help them understand the way out.

Frequently asked questions

  • What can be the primary possible reasons of hair loss?

    The significant causes that lead to hair loss are aspects such as DHT build-up over the age of an individual, stress of certain nature, possible hormonal imbalances that can be termed as the primary reasons as many people coming to our hair loss centre in Hyderabad suffer from said concerns.

  • Are there any other possible reasons?

    Apart from the primary reasons our hair loss centre in Hyderabad gets concerns of various nature that have resulted in worsened hair loss have been possible blocked pores as well as poor circulation in the scalp, poor diet and lack of digestive efficiency of the body