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Who’s our best buddy,
our best friend,
who knows us best?

Confused, eh! Is it my childhood friend? Processing……! Is it my sibling? Processing……! Let’s stop processing and pondering and come to the actual fact. Who knows me better? Well the answer I would say is - ME!.

Yes that’s the fact that many of us take time to acknowledge. But once we do there is no looking back. For a long-long time, as the world pioneers and industry acknowledged experts in the field of Hair thinning, Hair retention and Hair Restoration our team of qualified professionals have learnt the most important lesson from you – our Patrons. When it comes to the matter of self we tend to take a back seat. This is a much more harsher fact when it comes to the problem of aesthetics and aspects connected to self-image. The ingredients to this are how we look and hence how we feel.

Being an industry leader in the field of hair loss solutions, hair retention and hair restoration in India and the World, we see a lot of younger generation reaching out to us to understand their issues and find the right fitment as a solution. What is definitely believed by our team of experts is that the faster one understand the possible problem at hand the faster one is able to find the solution out of it. This is where the Advanced Hair Check plays such an important role for you and for us to know the exact condition of your problem and find the right solution towards your hair goals.

Our team of hair loss experts from Delhi will be visiting you to help you get the initial check done and for you to be able to know your hair health. What you can expect to know from the hair check:

  • If there is any thinning silently cropping up in your case as is the case for 65% of people below the age of 35
  • Whether there are any noticeable damages in your density leading to possible loss of volume
  • If there are bald spots on any part of the scalp
  • Whether there are any solutions that can help your cause to fight hair thinning

Come, look at the live images of your scalp health to know the Good, the Bad, the Ugly with the Advanced Hair Check. Always remember, prevention is always considered better than cure. Book your slot to have get a detailed study on these facets and more.

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