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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Ludhiana

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and Hair checks will be happen at Advanced Hair Studio.

The Event brings the cream of Ludhiana to one place which gives all the visitors a platform to get to know about the main causes and solutions to their hairloss issues. Advanced Hair Studio took the initiative to create awareness between the visitors of the Event, Rakhi Bizzare about the hairloss and its solutions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why am I suffering from a lot of issues relating to hair?

    Hair is one of the fastest growing part of our physical existence. The hair follicle keeps taking required nourishment from the blood and keeps growing hair for us on an ongoing basis. Since the growth is so fast as a matter of fact, any change we come across might affect the growth cycle. If you have had any changes that come to mind pertaining to your lifestyle, various products or medications used on the body or as simple as any stress increase; these too might be the contributing factors for increased issues pertaining to hair such as hair loss or hair thinning. To understand this in detail you can always reach our expert team to seek the right inputs.
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  • Which effective treatment would you suggest for advanced stages which should not look unnatural and is cost effective?

    Most of the times our team comes across this query. It is very natural to expect that since for so many years and decades one might have tried so many variations of home remedies, treatments or medications; that did not render the expected results; the hair loss solutions at Advanced Hair might too fall in the same bracket. Honestly this is the precise reason our teams have created a host of programs and procedures to fulfil the expectations of each and every individual coming to us. For details check out a few of our programs here and book yourself a visit to the studio’s nearest to you to get detailed understanding of the same.