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Rosh & Roy’s Salon, Thane – we are coming back to you.

Time for your annual hair check is here. Last year in 2019 our team of hair loss experts had visited you from our hair loss clinic in Mumbai. This year we are back again to continue giving you the solutions for your hair thinning and hair loss problems once again. Gone are the days when hair thinning and hair loss problems were considered acceptable. With the advent of 24*7 life looking ones best self is not a matter of choice but a way of life for many among us. Having that perfect look for the perfect selfie is the accepted norm.

Keeping in mind this need of our young patrons and also understanding the fact that shows a lot of younger men and women facing ill-timed hair issues, our team of hair loss experts from Mumbai clinic will be at your doorstep in thane. Book your slot and come visit the team and find for yourself your ideal ways of maintaining your hair health for years to come. Keep looking your better self the way you liked it and the way you dreamed off. It is no more a chanced approach but a sure shot path that is listed in detail of you to have a head full of hair back again.

This year we are also coming to you at an opportune time to get you your desires achieved. Your goal is our goal. With Resolutions 2020 we are looking to help you get your goals achieved in a span of a limited timeline at a remarkably reduced cost.

Come join the bandwagon. Enjoy a head full of hair for as long as you wish to. No matter what you age, what your expectations are; our team of hair loss experts from our hair loss clinic in Mumbai are well equipped to keep solving your concerns and keep giving you your desired look back. Register now.

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  • Travel time is utmost important Do I have to travel for the procedure.

    Your stage and condition of your hair loss will ultimately decide what kind of program you should be undertaking. What matters post his is the fact what are the exact expectations you have pertaining to your hair. All these and many more factors will decide what kind of program should be taken up. The great part of Advanced Hair Studio’s various programs is the fact that there are a long list of possibilities as to how to undertake the program. There are solutions where no need of visits are needed and there are other possibilities where the program can be managed in half a days’ time also. Choose wisely.