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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Mumbai

The fast paced life in Mumbai and the altered lifestyle that comes with it leads many of our younger patrons to come across hair thinning and hair loss issues on a regular basis. Our visit to them help us as well as our younger male and female patrons to understand the various reasons that are resulting in their concerns with hair. Understanding the need of the younger patrons to find the solutions for the core of their problems our team of hair loss experts in Mumbai spend considerable time individually to talk about everything in detail and help them gain more and more information about how to come out of the ailments.

Frequently asked questions

  • Will we have to come to studio to take treatment?

    Each program that is designed at Advanced Hair Studio’s is done to achieve very specific objectives for each of our patrons. If the need is felt to get committed to the program there a possible answers that our male and female patrons can undertake in the confines out their home as well as visit our standalone studio’s we have created to service each of their needs. The choice is yours. We can customise any of the programs to the specific needs of our patrons and have been doing so since past so many decades that now we are getting better and better at it.

  • I am not willing to travel. Can you please give shampoo and oil for hair loss?

    Human history has had a long episode of trials and errors when one considers hair. The most common thought one has is to use products and shampoos to find the solution of balding. The truth be told. Since past many decades research work is proving strongly towards the facts as to why products such as shampoos and oils available at the mom-pop shops in our neighbourhoods have limited levels of gaining satisfaction to the levels that we expect as individuals. Since we need to gauge what is the level of damage for every individual we choose to provide solutions which will render the right answers. One such program that can be taken up is the Home Program from Advanced Hair Studio to support the expectations to the above query. Learn more