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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Mumbai

The year 2017 saw different kind of questions being raised by men and women suffering from various forms of thinning and hair loss. The past many years where our team of hair experts had done individual meetings with the patrons it was identified that the general knowledge level thanks to the new-found confidence in talking about hair and its concerns openly was no more confined to closed doors and the social bearings that the concerns held for the patrons had eased a bit. This allowed them to seek more detailed information. Looking at these needs the hair loss experts at Advanced Hair Studio started to focus on creating more refined knowledge bucket that could be shared with the public at large to help them get more refined answers to their queries.

Our first such event was held in the city of Mumbai to help the people gauge the level of concerns by looking at live demonstrations of what the hair problems can look like and what could be the reasons that could be causing this heartache in millions of people across the length and breath of the subcontinent. The detailed and live information download helped a lot of people know what could be their causes and they would now be in a better-informed state to decide as to what could be the solutions that could get them out of this ailment. For further detailed one-on-one private sessions the patrons would always be welcomed within our hair loss centre in Mumbai situated at Perry cross roads. These personal sessions can last as long as required to have all possible discussions done and everything identified with regards to getting the desired results.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the most Advanced procedure or solution to fight hairloss?

    There are a host of procedures and solutions that have been there through the test of time that as humans we have been working with. At each point of time in the history of hairloss solutions there has been a number of upgrades being done to advance the procedure results. Starting from days of believed solutions like oils to advent of medicated lotions, also in line were times when hair transplants were looked at the newest possible answers. The world has come a long way now from those days and today every passing year things are changing for the better and reaching each of the individuals who have been wanting to gain an insight in this realm of personal happiness. Understanding these expectations our team of Hair experts and practitioners across the world keep taking the bar above. Each of the solutions has to be customized to ones needs and requirements, hence pinpointing the best among the possibilities may not be an appropriate answer to look at. However you can look at some brief points of such possible answers . For details you can book your self a visit and our team will be more than happy to help.

  • Why a physical meeting is vital to know your hair issues?

    We have spent the last 50+ years understanding and dealing with the problem of hairloss. The reasons can be multitude in nature. Hence to understand the full impact of your hair loss, and to determine the stage of your hair loss, thorough hair checking is required. So it is quite vital to have a detailed one-on-one meeting with an expert.

  • Do I need to follow any particular regime after finishing my procedure?

    Honestly no. Most of the procedures are designed to accentuate the life of an individual and add to their spirit. Having said that yes some care for yourself goes a long way. The Ideal case is to follow some Dos and Don’ts suggested by your procedure specialist.

  • What life changes do I need to do to be a part of these procedures.

    Changes are good. But not always. Over the years what has been understood of the human mind is that the lesser one has to do the more happy one remains. Over the years our teams have identified ways to make no changes or have minimal changes to support your need to continue with your preferred lifestyle after opting for these procedures. The hair you get by any procedure will behave like your own. You can check out this video of Martin Crowe after hair replacement to add to your confidence in the programs designed specific to your needs.