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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Mumbai

High Quality. Progressive. Sporty.

Adjective or Alias for what everyone strives to be.

How much time would you like to take to discover your best self? Time is the only precious resource at hand. Advanced Hair Studio just likes you to keep wanting to be able to enjoy yours more and more.

Just like the high you gain while driving your classy beast, this callout is for you to get on road a similar journey with your lush mane of hair.

Life gets easier, just a bit more with colour when you give yourself the chance to feel and you’re your younger self once again. Wasting none of your time we wish to clearly present you the objectives that we at Advanced Hair Studio India wish to achieve for you today.

Capture back moments you have lost or had never lived. Relive the same high or discover your better self with a head full of hair!

Take your time and discover how the Advanced Hair Studio team of experts can help you get the most out of your dreams for yourself.

This is your time. Relive, recreate the moment, enjoy!

An exclusive offer for Patrons of Audi Mumbai West.

Free consultation for 1 Person with prior appointment followed by Grooming services worth INR 5000 including Haircut, Hair spa, Hair styling at Mumbai studio.

Prior appointment mandatory and subject to availability.

Valid till 31.12.2020