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The activity organised for the Residents of Godrej Garden City by the Hair loss experts in Ahmedabad got a great response from them. The denizens found it quite interesting to have their hair checked by global organization of repute in the hair restoration industry. Men and Women alike, were able to connect the need of keeping healthy hair as a part of healthy life.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is there any age restrictions for your procedures for hair retention and restoration?

    In continuation of the prior question, the answer to this question in a manner has similar contention. The programs are designed for specific needs hence can be customised to be done at any age and it can safely be said that even gender would not play a role in most of the cases. For cases that may fall under exceptional cases the team is trained to identify the right solution and proceed with achieving the patrons expectations on results. Age is hence one of the parameters taken into account also. We have had experience of managing the lives of youngsters as young as 16 to 70+ be it men or women.

  • Has clients from other cities of Gujarat need to travel to Ahmedabad every time?

    That is a very interesting and right query. The fact that the organisation has dealt with denizens and patrons from across different walks of life the programs are created in such a manner to serve their specifics needs. Considering this fact it has been taken into account to create programs where the choice of visits is in the hands of the patron looking to get their hair back. One such interesting solution is the Home Program.