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BelvedereClub World Health Day

The hair loss experts in Ahmedabad at Advanced Hair Studio in association with : Belvedere Golf Club are celebrating World Health Day

With the advent of a wholesome lifestyle more and more men and women are looking forward to look and feel their healthiest self at all points of time. The World Health Day is one of a kind a global health awareness initiative that is close to finishing 7 decades of not only creating awareness but also in a way celebrating the focus on global wellness. It is marked by recognizing the importance of health every year across globe.

In continuation to our core values of getting more and more people across the spectrum, be it males or females, have the right knowhow about their hair health our teams of hair loss experts in Ahmedabad are here to celebrate this day with focus on taking good care of your health in all matters possible. Belvedere club in association with Advanced Hair Studio in Ahmedabad are coming forth to organized Hair Wellness Camp at the club premises itself.

Healthy Hair is an essential part of ones thought process and helping in driving the thought of a healthy body as well as raise the importance of our overall body fitness. Nowadays with various reason getting blurred and more and more people facing hair thinning, hair fall or hair loss issues our hair loss experts are available at your convenience to help you have one more checkbox clicked on your list of attaining a wholesome fulsome healthy lifestyle.

Get your hair checked and have your one to one consultation done with our senior hair loss expert and burst all myths that are stopping you to get on the right path of hair happiness. Find the right treatment and procedure options along with guaranteed solutions for your specific condition of concern.

Be healthy, Look Healthy, Live Healthy

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Frequently asked questions

  • Are you a salon ,skin clinic or hair wellness studio ?

    Advanced Hair Studio is a globally accessible organisation dealing in all things hair. Whether you are having issues of hair thinning or hair fall or hair loss, our team of hair loss experts will find the right solution for you. Not only that we have our own method of managing the fashion expression of our patrons as we have developed our own inhouse team to help you sport any kind of hair look you have in mind. Come and see for yourself. Our experts are waiting by to serve your needs.

  • Is hair loss a problem that has any effective solution?

    The answers are many but what serves you well individually depends on a host of factors. This is what our experts will help you understand during your consultation where all problems are discussed in detail and effective solutions provided for your specific type of hair loss problem.

  • Is there any age restrictions for your procedures for hair retention and restoration?

    In continuation of the prior question, the answer to this question in a manner has similar contention. The programs are designed for specific needs hence can be customised to be done at any age and it can safely be said that even gender would not play a role in most of the cases. For cases that may fall under exceptional cases the team is trained to identify the right solution and proceed with achieving the patrons expectations on results. Age is hence one of the parameters taken into account also. We have had experience of managing the lives of youngsters as young as 16 to 70+ be it men or women.

  • What is guarantee for transplanted hair?

    Transplants have been in the arena for a good number of years now with a wide range of its success and failures. Our experts having had the exposure across the platform have hence created a unique program of Strand-by-Strand to support the expectations of our patrons and yes the results achieved so far during all these years are proof enough to expect them to be achieved for sure.