Gandhinagar - Opal Club at Hotel Cambay Sapphire

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The capital city of Gujarat has been seeing a lot of change in the past few years. With the aggressive movement supported by a few strong rounds of development projects have seen a vast number of people choosing this city to be the centres of excellence in their education as well as professional lives. The city is slowly and silently converting itself as not only one of the most healthy places to live in but also transitioning into a life of pace as good as any other metro or mega city in the country.

Considering the issues faced by these patrons the team of hair loss experts visited Gandhinagar and brought the members of the fitness center the benefit of getting their hair checked by globally reputed organization at their doorsteps.

Date: 3rd February 2019

Timings: 10am to 7pm

Address: Opal Club, Hotel Cambay Sapphire, Gandhinagar

Attendees: 50+

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Frequently asked questions

How's your treatment different from market offerings in terms of results?

At Advanced Hair Studio all the programs that are created are done in a manner to help achieve specific goals laid to our hair loss experts by our patrons. The programs are designed to give undetectable results in the meantime also make sure the utmost quality standards are maintained that are followed by the organisation across all the locations we operate in, be it India, Australia, Europe, South Africa or the UAE.

Why are some procedures of yours called Advanced?

The solutions are for hair thinning and hair loss have been tried for a long time according to human history records but to no avail in many of the cases. Over the past many decades the organisation has brought forward to its patrons solutions that can work in any condition and hence in a manner have been able to give Advanced results as per their own personal expectations. To know more see our procedures in detail.

Is there any age restrictions for your procedures for hair retention and restoration?

In continuation of the prior question, the answer to this question in a manner has similar contention. The programs are designed for specific needs hence can be customised to be done at any age and it can safely be said that even gender would not play a role in most of the cases. For cases that may fall under exceptional cases the team is trained to identify the right solution and proceed with achieving the patrons expectations on results.

Do you have shampoo or product for retail client to buy?

Most of the products that are designed have specific objectives. It however is vital to understand what would work and accordingly the products are issued as a support to the patrons suffering from various situations such as hair thinning, hair loss or total baldness. To understand what could be used is where the experts session is planned and an Advanced Hair Check is also done.

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