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Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Pune

Of the event from end user perspective – This would be a one of a kind interactive session whereby employees get an opportunity to have an one to one session with experts from the world’s largest restoration company. In addition, a preliminary check is done to show them their hair & scalp condition and a customized solution is provided with exclusive promotional rates for Mantri employees at Advanced Hair Studio – Koregaon Park.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Hair Transplant done?

    Affirmative. Yes. The procedure of a hair transplant is something that is considered highly as a solution for hair loss. Our unique procedure of Strand By Strand – Ultimate is designed to use the follicular hair of an individual to redesign a strong natural hairline as well as fill up bald areas on the scalp. The way the program is performed combining the best of the methods, new generation instruments and the best of the best clinical team, the results can hence be termed as guaranteed.

  • What’s the difference in a hair check here & coming to studio?

    Hair loss being a complex personal concern, it is ideal to talk about it in detail and understand the options available. Foremost it is highly vital to choose the right option to have a fitment to the end objective. Our experts under this and hence the role of a detailed Advanced Hair Check at the studio goes a long way. Our team of experts are trained to invest as much time to help you identify and understand, in detail what can be the ideal solution for you.

  • Reason behind hair loss?

    There are a host of reasons leading to hair loss. Read the following sections to know more about the same.

  • Is HT the only treatment for hair loss?

    Over the years various solutions have been identified to fight the concerns of hairloss. The following section will help identify the various possible solutions that one can look at. You can also call us or meet our experts to gain insights for these problems in a personalized visit to any of our studios. To book a slot for yourself call us at 1800 103 11 91.

  • Can genetic hair loss be cured? Does the treatment work then?

    A considerable percentage of people who come to Advance Hair Studio to fight the problem of hair loss fall in the category of genetic predisposition to hair loss. Apart from genetics a lot of other issues can also lead to hair loss. Understanding each of them is vital. And the good news is that our results speak volumes of the possibilities. Look at the results to understand what is possible.