Hair Clinic in Bangalore | Complimentary Hair Wellness Campaign

Hair Transformation on the Horizon: Advanced Hair Studio in Bangalore

A full day hair wellness campaign was planned for the patrons of the club and bringing forth them a unique and great opportunity to have detailed one-on-one interaction with the hair loss experts from Advanced Hair Studio, Bangalore. The prime objective was to help them find the solutions for all kinds of hair thinning, hair loss as well as balding problems.

For the very first time the club patrons were given a first-hand view of the condition of their hair health and also help them identify any concerns with the complimentary hair check which was part of the hair wellness drive that the team of hair loss experts in Bangalore have been running through various initiatives and campaigns which also includes

  • Holistic diagnosis of hair loss & hair thinning,
  • Real time live images of hair & scalp,
  • Hair care tips by hair expert,
  • Customized solutions with promotional rates,
  • Guaranteed results for every stage of hair loss.

With the basic information sharing done in a brief manner the patrons who wanted to have detailed understanding of their concerns and find the right solution for their hair, the denizens were invited to be part of the professional, personalised, detailed consultation at our hair loss centre in Bangalore situated at Richmond road.

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