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Advanced Hair Studio tied up with Salon 543 to help the patrons get detailed understanding of the reasons why they and many like them, can suffer from various reasons leading to hair thinning and hair loss. In a customised meeting, the hairloss experts gave all information there is to help understand the concern first hand. The event helped generate a lot of questions and a lot of related answers to categorise the concerns that each of the patrons were going thru but had no clue as to whom to connect with. The personalised meetings and the hair check helped understand this reality.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What causes dandruff and how to combat it?

    Dandruff can be caused by a number of things. The overgrowth of a yeast may also cause dandruff. Frequent shampooing removes flakes, reduces oiliness, and prevents dead skin cell buildup. However these products are only there to support not heal. To know more talk to an expert.

  • Hard water causes hair loss, what to do?

    "Hard" water is typically defined as water that has a high mineral content. This might make your hair drier and more brittle, which can lead to hair loss. Some necessary steps you can take:

    • Soften your Water
    • Get a shower filter
    • Try adding some alum to water

  • Does regular trimming of hair prevent hair loss?

    Regular trimming cannot prevent hair loss. To get the answer of such question and related myths about hair loss, you need to visit us at one of our studios, so that our experts can check the condition of your hair loss, know the severity of your hair loss and suggest the suitable treatments/procedures or suggest possible combination of different treatments/procedures.