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As a result of the overwhelming response to our recent visit to showcase best hairloss solutions in Jaipur, our team of hair loss experts are coming back to the pink city! This Diwali, enjoy the benefits of our proven results that will speak for themselves. Find the many testimonials we have received each year which demonstrate the effectiveness of our hair loss treatments, procedures and products.

We strive to continuously improve and ensure that we deliver the best and the most advanced hair treatments while providing an outstanding service to our existing and future clients.

If you are experiencing hair loss, pre-register below for a consultation with AHS hair experts and take the first step towards a head full of hair.

In your consultation, we aim to deliver the following objectives:

  1. To give clarity and understanding of your current hair loss condition, background and any factors that could affect your hair loss, and/or course of action.
  2. We’ll explain the aesthetic perspective of hair loss.
  3. Discuss your objectives, comfort zone and expectations.
  4. Help you understand the prevailing treatments/procedures, their objectives and limitations.
  5. Help you choose the right procedure in order to meet your expectations.
  6. Provide an action plan, timelines, financials, etc.

Date: 18th November 2018

Timings: 10am to 6pm

Address: Hilton Hotel, 42 Geejgarh House, Hawa Sadak, Jaipur 302006

What our clients have to say

Mr. Jeet Khurana

Living in these warm climates i thought was the reason of my hair issues. Thank you for helping me understand the entire process.

Mr. Dinesh Shetty

It’s a good thing you are doing such activities. We would have never known else that the best of the world for hair is available to us in India as well now.

Ms. Mahi Arora

Detailed information shared. Never had seen any person I went to give me this detailed and simple understanding. Amazing. Keep it up.

Frequently asked questions

Is colouring hair a reason for hair loss?

The colour of hair is attained when the body is able to have appropriate levels of certain pigment cells that allow the melanin to garner that colour in our hair. Over a period of time due to various factors this pigment cells reduce in our body resulting in the hair not getting its colour and getting the signs of greying visible. This can be both a condition resulting due to aging as well as certain medical conditions.

Can wearing a turban cause hair loss?

This condition that one undergoes through is something which is in technical terms referred to as “traction alopecia”. This condition is seen by all humans how have a tendency of strapping their hair very tight such as braiding, wearing turbans, pulling of one’s hair, etc. the problem is seen when the follicles get affected due to the constant pull and hence can result into permanent damage. There are certain cases that come to us with similar concerns and after performing the appropriate checks our team of hair loss experts would suggest the right course of action to get the desired results with support of a symptomatic solution.

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