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Objective : The historical city of the importance in the Indus valley beckons the hair loss experts. The exuberant patrons of Jalandhar get a personalised session to talk and speak about the concerns and problems they face pertaining to hair thinning and hair loss. The team of hair loss experts in Ludhiana are will be visiting your city. If you are experiencing any kind of hair thinning or any type of hair loss, pre-register below for a consultation with AHS hair experts and take the first step towards a head full of hair.

Check out the site to find for yourselves, the many testimonials we receive each year demonstrating the effectiveness of our hair loss treatment, therapies and procedures. We are continuously improving to ensure that we deliver the best and the most advanced hair treatment while also providing an outstanding service to our existing and future clients.

On your visit we will help you to

  1. Understand your current hair loss condition
  2. Explain you the aesthetic perspective of the hair loss
  3. Discuss your comfort zone and expectations.
  4. Help understand the prevailing treatments
  5. Help you choose the right procedure in order to meet your expectations.

Date: 9th December 2018

Timings: 10am to 6pm

Address: The Maya Hotel, EH – 178, Opposite District Session Court, Near BMC Chowk, GT Road, Civil Lines, Jalandhar, Punjab - 144001

What our clients have to say

Mr. Rajneesh Singh

The problem of hair loss is seen in jalandhar at an alarming level. We never could understand what is causing the change. Post the discussion with your expert now we know why in our family we had such high levels of hair concerns. Appreciate you guys coming here and giving the right knowhow.

Ms. Pooja Chugh

I thought hair transplants were the only solution considering the fact that so many hair transplantation doctors are there in and around ludhiana and chandigarh. It's good to know that there are even better solutions available.

Mr. Gurvindar Singh

My first transplant with a local doctor did not satisfy me. Hence i thought of meeting up with your experts to know what more is possible now. Will visit your hair loss centre in ludhiana soon.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we see a lot of hair loss in Punjab? 

The problem of hair is not something which is location specific in general. There can be cases where certain kind of exposure to the various chemicals that are naturally present in the surroundings do play a role in the extenuation of various problems pertaining to hair. Also, over the past many years and decades that we have operated in this field we have found our patrons asking similar questions which is quite a natural understanding one might have as looking at so many people suffering the problem around us one may feel so.

What kind of food should I have to fight hair loss?

Hair is basically going to get its growth when the follicle is able to get appropriate amount of nourishment from the body. Having said that it is hence important to have the right kind of food to help in the growth. Sometimes even the right nourishment we take does not have supportive functioning at the physical level which results in condition of hair thinning as well as hair loss over a period of time. Generally speaking one can assume that such deficiency will not be creating a concern in a matter of days but is rather a condition prolonged over long periods. To know about the right food read further.

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