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Looking at the ever changing condition of hairloss and hair issues in the younger generation the team of Hair experts at Advanced Hair Studio identified the fact of having the young parents identify the possible issues for their wards, hence extending the information distribution exercise, the team had a one-on-one information session at Shanti Juniors. The inferences learnt over the past 4+ decades of dealing in Hair issues the ideation was apt to reach the younger lot.

Date: 13th August 2018

Timings: 10am to 2pm

Address: Shanti Juniors Ahmedabad

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best Shampoo and Oil for my Hair. Will it help in solving my hairloss?

Any product that is used will have a variable difference for each of the users depending upon their hair type. With regards to the second part of the question, it matters a lot to understand that products are designed not for solving the problem of hairloss but to solve some supporting concern that leads to hairloss. These could be reasons such as a heavily oily scalp which may lead to concerns pertaining to scalp cleansing and maintaining a healthy skin to support hair follicles natural working.

What causes breakage of hair. Is it a sign of anything related to hairloss?

Most of the people who suffer from hair breakage would in some manner be having poor nutritional cycle with regards to food intake as well as it is highly possible that some form of poor hygiene is also to be accounted for. Usage of wrong products on the scalp which might be having chemicals which your scalp is not supportive to. Also the wrong combing and styling tools may also be causing this issue. In essence yes, breakage may often than not be caused due to an underlying issue. The details of the same can be understood with a personalized meeting with the experts and having a professional hair check done.

Does regular trimming of hair prevent hair loss?

No. Hair trimming has no role or connection to hairloss. The shaft of the hair which is trimmed is as such a dead tissue which is not alive and upon trimming the follicle is still going to be in growth phase and continue the increase in hair shaft length.

Will hard water cause hair loss, what to do?

The total number of people suffering from hairloss due to water though marginal it is true that hard water does cause damage and may aggravate the condition of hair loss. Using soft water helps to slow down the process. However the primary reasons for hair loss have still to be identified to understand whether water or something else is causing the primary damage. Talk to an expert now to know more.

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