Got the Baldness Gene? Does it come From Your Mother or Father

Got the Baldness Gene? Does it come From Your Mother or Father?

  • 20 March 2019

Male pattern baldness can start as early as the late teens and usually begins with thinning on top of the scalp and the receding hairline. Female pattern baldness seldom results in total hair loss and usually starts in the middle of the back of the head. So, if it is so in fact for a host of us, take a back seat and understand what exactly causes premature hair loss? Well, there are actually a few factors that affect the outcome of one’s head and whether or not you will lose your hair in the later years.

Got the Baldness Gene Does it come From Your Mother or Father

The Baldness Gene

There arises a lot of misinformation and myths about the genetic causes of male pattern baldness. One of the most popular ones is that a man inherits the baldness gene from his mother. Studies claim that the hereditary factor is more dominant on the mother’s side. If your dad has a full head of hair but your mom’s brother has less, chances are you will follow your uncle’s journey through MPB. However, the truth is that the gene for MPB is actually passed down from both sides of the family. Besides baldness genes may skip generations, and pass over people within the same generation. This is why it is absolutely possible to have an older brother with desirable full, thick hair, while you are stuck with less hair or even a bald head. If most of the men on your father’s and your mother’s side are bald, then you, your sons and brothers all have an increased tendency to have MPB.

An Overview of Hair Genes

We share chromosomes from each of our parents. However, even though we share our genes from both our parents, there still remains a question that whether we share our hair genes from either our parents or its different when it comes to our hair genes. Do we inherit baldness from our parents? We may feel that we have inherited most of our hair features from either our mom or dad when we casually observe through our eyes. But, the reality is that we inherit an equal amount of genetic characteristics from both mom and dad.

Got the Baldness Gene Does it come From Your Mother or Father

Do We Inherit Baldness from Both Father and Mother?

Our hair strongly determines our looks, so we try our best to keep it in the best condition. So, is it due to genetics? It is quite often said that if your mom’s father is bald, there is a chance that you may also go bald at some point in life. It’s not the complete story but it’s somewhat accurate. As per science, in case of baldness, most of the hair loss genes are transferred to the males through their mother. Sounds astonishing, but it is true. There are many other factors as well that verify the hair quality of a person. There are many non-genetic factors also such as stress that plays a big role in baldness.


Understanding most of the hair traits is a very complex task. There are several genes that play a role in the final result. The hair texture of a person depends on several genes. Additionally, both are completely different in the world population. Each parent has a role in providing various characteristic to your personality and your hair is the result of the interaction of your parents and does not depend on a single gene. You can never predict what the future has instore for you and same goes for baldness too, regardless of your family history. However, fortunately, we live in an era when you don’t have to sit by and simply watch your hair thin away to nothing. There are many hair restoration treatments available today that can help you regain your hair as well as your lost confidence. In order to get the best hair loss treatment, book your consultation with Advanced Hair Studio.

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