Hair Loss Treatment For Men


1. Strand by Strand is a unique procedure of Advanced Hair Studio which is performed by top surgeons in the world.


2. This is just a 1 days procedure and it does not require for you to stay over at the Studio. You can go home immediately the same evening and resume your normal daily activities the next day. That means you only need to travel to our studios for one day to get this procedure performed.


3. This procedure is to fill up all the bald spots and areas where your own follicles are dead and no other treatment is working there.


4. The best part about Strand by Strand is, that it gives you 100% natural growing, non maintenance hair which you can wear and style according to your age, personality and choice.

Hair plays an ultimate part in our personality and appearance. Losing hair can make us look 10- 15 years older! Laser and Strand by Strand procedures can frame your face, get your hair line back and change your appearance 360 degrees for good. It can make your face much sharper and younger.

Advanced Hair Studio is World's largest Hair Replacement and Regrowth Company. Only and Truly a one stop shop to fix any hair loss condition and we have performed procedures over 400,000 people including celebrities from Hollywood, Bollywood, sports legends, pop stars, models, politicians, industrialists and people across the world. If we can do it for them, we can do it for you

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Male Procedures

Strand-by-Strand (Cosmetic)

It is considered to be the worlds most advanced and sophisticated non surgical hair replacement procedure and the beauty of this procedure is failure is not an option, we give our clients 100% guarantee to give full head of hair with your hairline the way you want it.

It can give you a full head of hair with thickness, body and density even in advanced hair loss condition even if the bald area is big or the volume is gone! What we say 'Hair To Play With'

see also: Strand-by-Strand , Advanced Laser Therapy, Advanced Hair Check, Advanced Hair Fibres

Advanced Laser Therapy

Advanced Laser treatment is considered to be one of the best treatment in the world to...

- Stop the hair loss and save existing hair.
- Thicken your existing thin and weak hair.
- Re-Grow hair in areas where the hair follicles are still alive but deep rooted.
- To improve your scalp condition.
- To improve the texture of your hair.

Breakthrough in Hair Regrowth. In a university clinical trial, 86% of men treated with Advanced Laser Therapy actually experienced hair regrowth within 4 months, using a combination of Advanced Laser Therapy, a FDA Approved hair regrowth pharmaceutical and a proven scalp and follicle hair loss treatment program.

According to world research 70% of the people ignore hair loss when they are in an early stage and end up becoming completely bald! Your existing hair are priceless and its vital to save them, thicken them and improve them in best possible manner naturally and Advanced laser Treatment is certainly one of the best in the world to achieve that. So please do take your hair loss problem seriously and start the treatment sooner the better and lets save what is priceless and limited.

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Advanced Hair Check

Although over 40% of men begin to lose hair in their early 20s it doesnt mean thinning hair or baldness is inevitable. What is important is early identification of the hair loss problem, and thats where The Advanced Hair Check can really help

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Advanced Hair Fibres

Advanced Hair Fibres instantly rebuild your hair with natural Keratin fibres creating the appearance of thicker hair in an instant!
The Thickening Fibres blend in and electrostatically bond with your existing hair, dramatically building up hair volume and minimising the appearance of thinning hair.

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see also: Strand-by-Strand , Strand-by-Strand (Cosmetic), Advanced Laser Therapy, Advanced Hair Check