• 08 September 2018

Hair loss is a problem not new to mankind but its tentacles have started gripping the young ones in great numbers. This negative aspect has led to massive research work in hair loss treatments, combining both restoration & retention. Previously, people looking for hair restoration had the only option of gaudy, artificial wigs but now they are spoilt for choice.
People looking for hair fall treatment in these times are in for a pleasant surprise as lot many innovative & revolutionary procedures have come into existence.


  • Those suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia i.e. genetic pattern baldness opt for surgical hair transplant.
  • Even females suffering from acute hair thinning leading to bald patches can go for surgical hair restoration.
  • If the follicles are miniaturized they will not respond to simple or specialised therapies & hence the need for transplantation arises.
  • It is the best hair fall treatment because it gives guaranteed result & most natural hair growth.
  • It provides a permanent solution from baldness.


  • This is a surgical process of hair restoration performed under local anesthetic.
  • Healthy follicles are taken from donor area i.e. the place where hair growth is good, generally the back or sides of the head & harvested.
  • There are two procedures of transplant-
    1. FUE- Follicular Unit Extraction- In this process of hair fall treatment specific follicles are taken individually from the donor area & are transplanted into the affected area.
    2. FUT- Follicular Unit Transplantation- This procedure of hair restoration takes a single narrow strip of tissue from which single follicles are harvested by experts & transplanted in the affected area of the scalp.
  • It’s a one-day procedure with no risks involved.
  • Generally, more than one session is needed to complete the process.
  • FUT leaves a thin scar from where the strip has been taken; it’s the efficiency of the surgeon to minimize it so that hair growth camouflages it.
  • As it is surgical process with aesthetic requirements the end-result depends on the precision with which it is done.
  • It takes 4-6 months for the first results to be seen.



Hair transplantation is touted to be a miracle treatment in hair loss but there is simple science of cyclical growth involved in hair growth.
Hair thinning or balding occurs when for some reasons our follicles, also known as hair roots, stop growing. The reasons for miniaturization or stunted growth are various & varies from individual to individual.
Understanding the growth cycle, it was deduced by experts that if the follicles can’t be stimulated to regrow, then follicles from the place where they are healthy, can be transplanted. Once the follicle grafts survive they follow the normal growth pattern.
Transplantation becomes difficult in cases where the affected person lacks healthy follicles in the donor area. In such cases only cosmetic options will work.


Taking care of the follicles & scalp is of utmost importance. This is possible by taking care of one’s diet, washing regime, use of gentle care products, avoidance of heating/styling gadgets, maintaining hormonal balance, stress control, etc. Only a healthy body can lead to flaunting of healthy hair.

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