Some Hair Products That You Can Steal from Your Girl to Make Your Hair Look Amazing

  • 20 March 2019

There are loads of hair products targeted at women that work as much as on men, too. But men seem to care less when it comes to buying better quality hair products and this can result in hair loss issues. Hence, it is a great idea to steal your girls’ hair products to make your hair healthy and wonderful. Not only these products will give you that finishing look but will prevent hair fall as well.

Here are some basic hair products that you can take from your girl to make your hair look amazing:

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

Women use high-quality shampoo and conditioner, unlike men. Also, women don't use a shampoo conditioner that is combined together into one product. Women are known to be more proactive about selecting good quality shampoos and conditioners for their hair, whereas men do not research much and buy whatever they find in the market. Hence, if you take your girl’s shampoo and conditioner, then your hair can be healthier.

Comb and brush Girls use both comb and brush as they do different things- comb after a shower, brush to stimulate essential oils & promote scalp circulation. On the other hand men, most probably don’t even know the use of both things. You can take these two things from your girl and use it accordingly that will make your hair look amazing.

2. Sea salt spray

Sea salt spray adds volume and texture to your hair. Girls have such hair sprays with them that not only add extra volume to their hair, but also make them look great instantly. Hair spray gives that finishing touch after you style your hair. It’s best done when the hair is dry, or else it can get brittle. Hair spray prevents frizz and any unwanted inflating that results from humidity. You can use these hair sprays after a blow dry, and your style should last the entire day, without looking or feeling overly touched up.

3. Hair products

Girls most of the times use high-quality hair products, whereas men tend to use the drugstore quality products. Higher quality products don’t dry your hair and make them weak just like drugstore quality products. These quality hair sprays will keep your hair in place; all while adding shine and taming frizz.

4. Hair dryer

Men either do not use hair dryers, or they use cheap versions. However, women use high-quality hair dryers that don’t make their hair brittle and frizzy. You can steal your girl’s hair dryer to prevent hair fall.


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