Make Sure To Follow These Tips To Prevent Hair Loss Before It Begins

  • 10 September 2018

Unfortunately, identifying hair loss initially is not easy. Mostly, people realize that they are going through hair loss problem after a time when they have lost a significant chunk of hair from their heads. It not only makes them lose all their confidence at once but also becomes a reason for their stress and anxiety. One of the keys to preventing hair loss before it begins is to follow a healthy lifestyle and take some measures that prevent all chances of hair loss in the future. However, if you notice any sign relate to hair loss or hair problems, then taking action as soon as possible is the key to saving more hair.


  1. Noticeable change in your hairline

  2. Noticeable thinning of your hair

  3. Excessive hair loss right after brushing or showering


1. Consider Your Diet

Your diet will have a direct effect on your body and hair. Proteins are building the block of the tissues in your body and are vital for hair growth and maintenance. Hence make sure that you are taking enough proteins in your diet. The best sources of protein are fish, milk, eggs etc. Also eat foods high in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, flax seeds etc.

2. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins

Vitamins are crucial for your health a body as it helps in the creation of red blood cells that leads to healthy circulation which gradually makes your hair healthier. Vitamin A, B12, E is the essential vitamins for healthy hair.

Minerals also add up to healthy hair. Also add more and more iron, calcium, copper, zinc and magnesium for proper growth of your hair.

3. Look after your scalp

Looking after your scalp is essential in order to get healthy hair. Use products that are not harsh on your scalp and take care regularly of your head to get a healthy scalp and hence healthy hair.

4. Break Bad Habits

Keep a regular check on your habits and daily lifestyle. Unhealthy habits like excessive drinking, caffeine, and smoking reduce blood circulation and have an adverse effect on the immune system that causes further hair fall. So break those bad habits for the sake of your hair!

5. Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water also affects the hair tissue growth. Therefore, it’s important to stay hydrated and drink enough water every day. Also, try to avoid soda drinks as much as you can as it weakens the immune system and makes your hair more likely to fall out.

6. Exercise

Following a Regular exercise routine will help in sweating out and cleaning your pores near the hair. Exercise will help you grow stronger and longer hair and improve your overall health.

7. Essential Oil Scalp Massage

Do not forget to massage your scalp time to time using coconut oil and essential oils. It stimulates the hair follicles to increase hair growth. The oils have the properties that prevent balding and hair thinning.

Take any oil like coconut, olive, almond, etc. and add a few drops of any essential oil to it. Massage the oils gently into your scalp. Not only your hair will look healthier in no time, but also help in hair regrowth.

8. Wash your hair twice a week

Washing your hair twice using a mild shampoo and conditioner removes all the dirt and bacteria that builds up on the head regularly. Therefore, it’s necessary to keep your head clean all the time to prevent hair fall from clogged follicles.


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