Dry Scalp keeping you Worried? Try These 6 Tips to Evade Your Scalp Dryness!

  • 31 October 2018

Dry scalp is often just a dry skin problem and you prevent it similarly to how you’d prevent dry skin : by offering hydration inside and out. You can protect your scalp from situations that would dry it out such as chlorine and harsh weather. In some cases, though, dry scalp can come from an underlying condition so you should visit a doctor to receive a diagnose and begin treatment. Advanced Hair Studio’s list of following solutions and remedies might be just what you need in order to restore moisture and get healthy, voluminous hair.

1.Scalp Massage - The most easy and effective hair treatment for dry scalp is a scalp massage. Give yourself a gentle massage by rubbing the fingerprints in a gentle and circular motion while applying oil. The massage can stimulate the production of natural oils and increase blood flow towards hair follicles. Use lukewarm oils during massage is therapeutic and work as natural anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial agents. A gentle pre-wash massage with a boar brush can open up the pores and remove dead skin so that the scalp is properly cleansed and moisturised.

2. Avoid over-styling your hair - Try using minimal styling products. The gels and pastes build up the roots of the hair which can irritate and dry out a sensitive scalp. Using heat regularly to style the hair also contributes to a dry scalp. Brushing your hair too hard also irritates the scalp. Try using a wide toothed comb.

3.Avoid products with alcohol - Hair products such as perfumes, hair sprays and other products which contain alcohol tend to further dry out and irritate the sensitive scalp. Avoiding the heat styling tools as much as possible is a great hair treatment. This mean air drying your hair and not reaching for the moisture-stripping blow dryer.

4.Changing the diet - Pay serious attention to our diet and avoid dandruff ‘trigger’ foods such as anything spicy, sugary and rich in dairy which exacerbates the condition. The fermented foods such as kimchi and kombucha are also beneficial as they work to counter the overproduction of yeast.

5.Stay hydrated - Staying hydrated is extremely important for a healthy glowing complexion and is a root cause of dry scalp. When the body is dehydrated, you may notice how dry the skin becomes as well as other signs such as feeling exhausted and maybe sick but haven’t noticed the resulting dryness on the scalp. Your scalp can also dry out when it is directly exposed in the sun and mistreated as it is not usually moisturised and given the hydration it requires. All these add up to a dry, itchy and in more serious cases of a flaky scalp. The general advice is to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day for optimal hydration. However, this figure does vary per person according to climate and levels of activity.

6.Conditioning Treatments - Sometimes, when the scalp is not producing enough natural oil sebum, it can cause the hair to appear dull and the scalp to feel itchy and flaky. By nourishing the scalp, you can instantly soothe and fix the main cause of itchiness and dryness. A scalp treatment nourishes the scalp so much that the problems such as itching and irritation become a rarity. However, for best hair treatment it is important to choose the correct type of hair treatment conditioning mask according to hair type, choosing the one which contains natural ingredients. A good scalp treatment should be left for at least 20 minutes to fully penetrate the scalp. However, once the treatment is complete, rinse hair with cool water to help close the hair shaft and seal in maximum moisture.

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