7 Top Ways that Can Help You Prevent Hair Loss

  • 27 July 2018

Hair loss is a common phenomenon these days. The estimates show that two third of men start losing their hair by mid-30s. While some might embrace the change and shave the head, others may look out for hair loss treatments to slower the process.

But does anything actually work? There is no magic potion but Advanced Hair Studio lists down a few things that can potentially help you hold onto the hair you have.

1.Meditation and Exercise – If you are losing more hair than normal, you may want to evaluate your stress levels. Stress essentially put hair follicles in a resting stage, so they no longer grow. Research says that anxiety floods your body with the hormone which cause other hormone levels to fluctuate. This speeds up the balding process, especially if you are genetically predisposed to losing your hair. But managing the stress can slow down the hair loss. Meditation also improves the anxiety levels.

2.Vitamin D – Some cases of hair loss have been linked to the low levels of Vitamin D. People suffering from hair loss are tbree times as likely to be Vitamin D deficient as those with healthy hair. You can include vitamin D rich foods in your diet. But do not try baking the bald spot in the sun to ramp up the vitamin D production. This may result in a bigger problem.

3.Massage – The easiest way to incorporate the scalp massage in the hair care regimen is to perform it while in the shower after applying the shampoo and conditioner. They improve the circulation of the scalp and stimulate the hair growth. You can reduce stress and promote hair regrowth at the same time.

4.Chemical Processing – Just like the heat is extremely harmful for the hair, so are a variety of chemicals processing treatments. Bleaching, chemically straightening and lightening the hair can cause damage, weaken the hair and cause hair loss. Try sticking to the natural style and colour as closely as possible if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning or the problem will just get worse.

5.Hair products – Hair loss is a huge concern so many brands are now offering products specifically aimed at restoring hair growth. These shampoos contain some essential oils and minerals which may aid in hair growth and destroy bacteria causing hair breakage and loss, increasing blood circulation and more.

6.Eat healthy – Incorporate foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron and zinc. Make sure the diet includes plenty of leafy greens, nuts and beans. If you are facing difficulty in getting enough nutrients in the daily diet, a good supplement can help cover whatever you are lacking.

7.Hair tools using high heat – Heat is always hard on hair. It causes bonds within the hair strands to fracture. If you decide to use a tool, make sure you do not leave it one area of your hair for too long. Move it every 10 seconds or so. As an effective hair restoration method, try to let your hair dry naturally as often as possible. When you use the styling tools, make sure you use a heat-protecting spray which will lessen the damage the tools are inflicting on the hair.

Article by Hair Experts @ AHS

Originally hailing from the length and breath of the country our team of hair experts bring together their strength that lies in consulting for hair and skin/scalp concerns that are faced by a lot of people. This core team involves field experts having passion in the field of aesthetics and creating as well as finding the right answers and clearing doubts about all things "Hair". Combining the interest in the field of aesthetics and general well-being, the team moves forward applying the knowhow gained in the field of trichology as well as hair transplantation contributing successfully in being part of our Team India operations and contributing to the needs of our patrons.

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