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Life may not be perfect, but your hair can be

Advanced Hair Studio is your best option when it comes to hair loss treatment. All of our next-generation hair retention, hair regrowth and hair replacement procedures have helped countless celebrities worldwide from Hollywood, Bollywood, sports, etc. These clients have had 100% satisfaction and enthusiastically endorse Advanced Hair Studio, which is a testimony to our success. Here are some of the results we were able to achieve.

Discover the touch of genius and explore the world of possibilities in hair loss solutions at Advanced Hair Studio today!

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Hair Loss Treatment

Their hair says it all

The decision for me to do something about my hair loss was simple. I didn’t want to go bald. So as soon as I started to lose my hair I saw Advanced Hair Studio, and underwent therapy. My own hair is now growing again.

Shane Warne, Australian Cricket Legend

After six long years, I eventually found the ultimate solution for my hair loss only at Advanced Hair Studio. The procedure recommended by Advanced Hair Studio gave me a head full of hair and helped increase my confidence.

Gautam Gambhir, Indian Cricketer

I’ve been face to face with a lot of tough encounters, like facing the world’s fastest bowlers! But the toughest test I’ve had to face was with the mirror, and the fact that I was losing hair.

Martin Crowe, New Zealand Cricket Legend

My life is very busy as I am a full-time mother and wife but at the same time, I have my own career that's why my hair was always an important part of my look.When I realized that my hair was losing its volume, I got very concerned and decided to do something about it.

Kate Elizabeth Hallam, Former Miss England

All I wanted was to stop my hair fall, thicken the thin hair strands and improve the condition of my existing hair, naturally. Thanks to Advanced Laser Therapy, I was precisely able to achieve that. Now I am so happy that I refer Advanced Hair Studio to all my colleagues.

Sourav Ganguly, Indian Cricket Legend

Their consultants advised me Advanced Laser Therapy to stop my hair loss and Strand by Strand - The Ultimate – to fix my receding hair line. I don’t perhaps think of making a better choice in the last few years.

Jatin Sapru, TV journalist

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