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Manavsthal Heights & Advanced Hair Studio

The event was arranged for the patrons of this beautiful locality so they too are able to understand how the problem of hair loss took over them and how could they find a possible cure for their ailments. Total number of people who took the benefit of this visit of the hair experts from Advanced Hair Studio Mumbai reached a significant population by the end of the day. The information download objective was fulfilled in entirety as out of the total visitors 5 people who needed the answers on a serious note wanted to take the next step and visit our hair loss centre in mumbai located at perry cross roads.

Date: 9th September 2018

Timings: 9AM - 6PM

Address: Manavsthal Heights, Wing-E, Military Rd, Udyan Complex, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072

Attendees: 5

What our clients have to say

Mr. Selwin

I have been facing hair loss and was wanting to visit you, but was not sure you guys have locations in India. Seen you in various inflight magazine

Mr. Velwin

Good opportunity right at our doorstep

Frequently asked questions

Questions that the visitors were asking – I want to get natural treatment for hair loss. How can I?

There are a multiple of procedures available for hair loss issues. However each issue since is different, so are its solutions. The ideal option to take forward is to match the results possibilities with the concerns to be addressed at hand. So yes, there are definitely solutions that can help us get back one’s hair naturally. To know more seek guidance from our hair experts.

I do not want to get hair transplant or clinical treatments. Is there an alternate?

In line with this question the solution to opt is not always a transplant. And many a times the clinical solutions such as medications or topical solutions may not render the same level of answers as per our expectations. Hence a different set of options such as the AHS Complete or Strand by Strand Cosmetic program are there to help find answers to such questions.

 Are your procedure guaranteed, will I get hair?

The core mission and vision with which the team of professional hair experts work under the umbrella of AHS, fall under the thought process of giving head full of hair to anyone. This is only possible with using guaranteed solutions for any kind of hair loss issue that the person might face. Visit us and know more.

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